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Photography Tips for Showing Off Your Garden

By Peter Latriano | Inspiration

You’ve worked hard on your garden all year long, and now it’s finally harvesting season. As you pluck the ripe fruits and vegetables off their vines, you stop to admire their beauty. Plump, juicy, red tomatoes. Radiant bunches of fresh dewy kale. Perfectly formed bell peppers, swaying in the gentle breeze. Sounds delicious, but before you chow down on your fresh summer veggies, be sure to snap some pictures so you can show off your seasonal bounty! With a few simple steps, you can learn how to take stunning pictures that will make everyone believe you have the greenest of thumbs around.

Use Complimentary Colors

Color is probably the most important factor when it comes to vegetable garden photography. They key is to include as much of it as possible! Mix up various colored vegetables on a platter and get ready to capture the colorful combination. Try mixing deep purple eggplants, orange carrots, a variety of greens and peppers of all colors. The result will draw your viewers in with an intriguing visual that may make their stomachs growl.


Get a Worm's-Eye-View

Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty to get the perfect gardening shot. Get down on the ground and get up close and personal with you stunning array of fruits and vegetables. This gives a great perspective to your photos, helping your viewers to feel as if they were really there in the moment. By getting a close up view, you can focus more on things like pattern and texture, helping to create a more interesting photo while also allowing you to also add extra depth and character.

Just Add Water

It may seem like cheating, but adding water to your photographs will bring them to the next level. Those sparkling little dew drops reflect light, create highlights and boost the overall aesthetic of any gardening photograph (and it makes your fruits and veggies look that much more refreshing and delicious!). It’s a quick and easy way to make your pictures and garden really stand out from the crowd.


Include Variety

You know what they say: variety is the spice of life. Even though we aren’t dealing with spices here, the same rule applies. Variety makes your photographs interesting and entertaining. Throw together a smorgasbord of fruits and vegetables; include different sizes, shapes colors and textures, or even try cutting some of it in half, revealing the inside of the fruit and adding that much more variety to your pictures.

Do you have any tips on how to ace garden photography? Show off your skills with us today:

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Photo Editing. Simplified