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Turn Your Pet Photo Into a Watercolor Painting

By Melanie Doncas | Featured Photo Editor Tutorials

Watercolor is one of the most popular art mediums for pet portraits, and it isn’t hard to see why. Unlike acrylic or oil-based paintings, for example, watercolor involves using colored pigments and water to create translucent layers of paint. Not only does this translucency lend itself to a softer, dreamier aesthetic, but it also allows for the layering of multiple shades of color to portray a pet’s tone and texture more realistically. Watercolor portraits also have a timeless quality that transcends trends, making them something that pet owners can treasure for years to come.

watercolor portrait

If you’re looking to create a watercolor portrait of your pet, then you’ve come to the right place. Rather than commissioning an artist to create one for you, however, why not try your hand at making your own?

With BeFunky’s watercolor effects, which are part of our Artsy collection, all it takes is a few clicks of your mouse. In fact, there’s no need for watercolor paints, paper, or any artistic experience! We’ll show you everything you need to know to turn your pet into a watercolor painting.

Why Should You Use BeFunky to Create Custom Pet Portraits?

If you haven’t experienced the ease of using BeFunky’s creative suite before, you might be wondering why it’s the best option for creating a custom pet portrait. Using BeFunky to make pet portraits offers several advantages. These include:


Compared to hiring a professional artist or purchasing expensive software, BeFunky is significantly more budget-friendly. BeFunky offers various pricing plans, including a free version with basic features and an affordable Plus plan that gives you access to absolutely every tool and template on offer – including our revolutionary AI-powered features like the Background Remover, digital art effects, and so much more.

Control Over the Final Result

BeFunky also allows users to have complete control over the final result of their pet portraits. You can adjust colors, add effects, apply filters, and customize various aspects of your dog, cat, or other animal companions according to your preferences. There’s no limit to your creativity!

The intuitive interface of BeFunky also makes it easy for all users, including those with limited design experience.

watercolor kitty

Ability to Create and Print from Home

BeFunky offers the convenience of creating pet portraits from the comfort of your own home (or even on the go using our mobile app). You simply design your pet portraits digitally and then easily print them using your home printer.

This not only saves time and effort but also allows for immediate access to the final printed portrait without waiting for shipping or processing.


You'll also have access to tons of customizable templates, backgrounds, and design elements that can easily be incorporated into your pet portraits. You can also get creative with text, graphics, and other elements to reflect the unique personality and characteristics of furry friend.

You’ll love experimenting with different styles and effects to create a truly one-of-a-kind pet portrait that captures the unique spirit of your furry friend.

How to Create a Watercolor Portrait of Your Pet Using BeFunky

Ready to turn your own pet photo into a watercolor portrait? Click here to start editing your image. This link will take you directly to the Artsy effects within the Photo Editor.

Step 1: Open Your Pet Portrait

Click Open at the top of the screen, then select your pet portrait image from its destination. We're going with an adorable dog portrait.

open a photo

Step 2: Choose a Watercolor Effect for Your Pet Portrait

You can click on Digital Art > Watercolor DLX to use our deluxe watercolor effect on your portrait.

choose artsy for pet

Or, if you’d rather sample our full collection of Watercolor Artsy effects, scroll down to the Watercolor category.

choose a watercolor effect

Click on each effect to sample it on your pet’s photo. You can also adjust the strength of the watercolor effect using the corresponding slider. If you’re happy with the watercolor effect as-is, simply click the checkmark to apply it, then skip to Step 4.

Alternatively, if you wish to customize the watercolor effect further, click on the Settings button.

adjust watercolor pet portrait

Step 3: Customize the Watercolor Effect

Many of the watercolor effects let you preserve your image’s original colors, as well as experiment with hue. When you click the checkbox next to Preserve Original Colors, it allows you to maintain your portrait’s original color palette.

preserve original colors

The Hue slider also lets you change the effect by altering its colors entirely. For example, as you move the slider along, you’ll notice your image becomes dominated by that hue. This can also be a great way to make your watercolor portrait cooler or warmer.

watercolor pet portrait sliders

If you select a Color Blend, on the other hand, this will apply that color uniformly across your entire watercolor image, as shown below.

color blend watercolor pet portrait

Once you’re happy with how your watercolor effect looks on your pet portrait, click Apply.

Step 4: Save Your Watercolor Pet Portrait

When you’ve finished creating your watercolor pet portrait, click the Save button at the top of the page, then select your desired save location and file type. 

save watercolor pet portrait

We recommend saving your custom pet portrait as a PDF file in Print Quality so it remains the highest quality for printing and displaying!

save destination watercolor pet portrait

Final Results: Pet Photo to Watercolor Art in Seconds

All it took was just 4 simple steps in the Photo Editor for us to turn a pet photo into a unique watercolor artwork. Just think of it as your very own watercolor pet portrait generator!

watercolor pet final before and after

Create a Custom Watercolor Portrait of Your Pet

If you're looking for a timeless way to celebrate your furry friend, you just can’t beat a watercolor portrait. Gone are the days of having to hire an artist or paint your own portrait by hand, however. Thanks to the Watercolor Artsy effects within BeFunky’s Photo Editor, all you need is a photo of your pet and a few seconds of your time. It’s that simple!Ready to turn a photo of your pet into a watercolor painting? Check out our photo to art effects today!

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