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Passive Aggressive Office Memes – Emergency Kit

By BeFunky | Inspiration

Do you work with a bunch of annoying people? Have you yet to find a semi-subtle way to get them to stop? Me too, which is why I made these memes to get my point across. So far, this method has worked a lot better than blocking all their email addresses. Which I actually did, but Judy (in HR) told me that was "inappropriate." Pfft.. I hate Judy.

Anyways, hopefully you'll have better luck.

This one's for the person who drinks the rest of the coffee and doesn't make anymore. You know who you are *cough cough* KORY.


When they say they're going to make The deadline but you know they ain't.

doge office meme

To Jenn who incessantly asks questions about the simplest tasks.


For when, Chris decides to go on a health kick but keeps leaving his tuna in the fridge, for weeks in a row, until the entire break room smells like a dumpster behind a Red Lobster.

Fridge LeftOver Meme

When Jordan, who seems more like an ornamental decoration than a functional office member, doesn't respond to your email.


When Allison won't stop showing you pictures of her homely children.


When Dorothy, who's so old you're afraid she's going to pass at any minute, wants you to come look at her computer because "it's broken." But, you know she just forgot to turn it on, again.


Lastly, to that coworker who's always giving you looks when you tell an "adult" joke. Yes, Fred I'm talking about you. Grow some thicker skin. We're all above the legal age here.

I feel much better after getting that out. Feel free to send the above memes to Debby in marketing. Or. Alan in customer service, because they probably suck. But, don't tell 'em you got it from me I'm already on thin ice with HR after the Crisco incident which I don't want to talk about. *drops mic*

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