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Memes for Every Workplace Situation

By Sarah Foster | Photo Editor Tutorials

While the idea of the internet meme was introduced in 1972, it became an intrinsic part of pop culture in the 1990s and has evolved to be part of our lives in more ways than just sharing on the internet. From board games like What Do You Meme, to sharing image memes on social media, meme culture allows folks to connect to each other through images. This concept has migrated into workplaces to lighten moods and boost team morale. Work memes can range from humor to encouragement, and you have the ability to create your own in minutes with BeFunky. We have curated some inspiration for your workplace memes, and some tips and tricks for creating your own. 

oprah office meme

Workplace Meme Inspiration

If you need some inspiration before creating your own workplace memes, here are our top four suggestions on what scenarios you could use a meme for. 

Grab Attention to an Office Announcement 

When the printer is jammed, or the toilet is out of order, a meme is a perfect way to share your message with your workplace. Share the message virtually in a workplace messenger like slack, or print it out (if the printer isn’t the problem) and post it where necessary. Take an unfortunate situation, and make it fun with your own meme. 

bernie office meme

Let Your Workplace Know You Are Out of Office

When you are headed out of the office to redeem that precious paid time off, be sure to set your email to automatically respond with a meme. This simple action can be used to tell your peers to stop reaching out to you, but in a fun way. Edit your meme to include the dates of your PTO and set it to respond automatically so you don’t even have to think about responding while you're off the clock. 

OOO office meme

Brighten Up a Boring Meeting

Workplace meetings can be a bit lengthy, and when they are, they tend to be boring. Keep your interest piqued by sending memes to your coworkers in Slack, or any other messaging system your workplace uses. You could even plan a meme off to start your meeting for a team engagement activity. Tell your team in advance to make their best memes, and have a tournament-style showdown for who has the funniest meme on the team. 

you got it dude office meme

A Response When Everyone Is Sick

There is something special about being a lone ranger on the days that everyone calls out of work except you. The day can be extra tricky, get through it by making memes. Send them to your coworkers to show them how you are handling the stress of being alone. Be sure to send them to your boss to make sure that they know what a champ you are. 

this is fine office meme

How to Make Memes for the Office

Now that you have been inspired, it is time to create your own office meme. A meme is typically based on a current internet joke and its imagery can change but there are a few guidelines that still apply, no matter what the popular joke is. You are able to create your own memes in just a few simple steps with BeFunky’s Photo Editor

Step 1: Upload Your Image or Blank Meme Template

You can find blank meme templates all over the internet. Once you have located the one you want to use, upload it to the Photo Editor to get started. In the Photo Editor, you can drag and drop your image onto the canvas to get started. Or you can click the Open button on the top of the interface to select where to upload your photo from. 

open a photo for office meme

Step 2: Add Funny Text to the Meme

To add text to your image, click on the Text tab on the left side of your canvas then select the Add Text button. 

add text to image to make meme

This will populate with a text box that you can click on to change the text to say what you want.  Most memes have text in all capital letters, but you can choose whatever case you desire. You can drag the text box around the canvas until you have it in the perfect spot. The Text Properties menu is where you are able to choose a font that fits the meme format. The font that is standard for most memes is called Impact. Use the font menu to be able to search for it. Typically, the text is white with a black border so that the letters stand out on any background image. To do this, set the font color to white and make sure that Outline is selected and the color set to black. You are able to adjust the outline Thickness, but setting it to 50 will achieve the best results. 

meme add outline to text

Step 3: Save Your Office Meme

Now that you have made a meme perfect for your office, save it by selecting the Save button at the top of the interface. Choose your preferred save location, and if you plan on sharing it virtually, save it as a JPG, then you can share it with those in your office.

save workplace meme

Start Making Hilarious Memes for Your Workplace

Add some humor to your office by creating your very own memes. Take inspiration from our favorite office situations, or create your own idea from scratch. Start customizing them specifically to your workplace with the Photo Editor to share with your peers! 

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified