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DIY New Years Party Invitations (And Theme Inspiration!)

By Rach DePaoli | Designer Tutorials Inspiration

There’s no better way to ring in the New Year than with a New Year’s Eve party! It’s both the last time of the old year and the first time of the New Year you get to dress up and celebrate with friends and strangers alike. And rather than find somewhere else to celebrate, why not go big with your very own?

how to throw a nye party

Whether you’ve already got a theme for your epic soireè or you’re in need of some inspiration, BeFunky has you totally covered for both! We’ve got themes to share with you and all the New Year’s Party Invitation templates you need to make it happen. Customize them in just a few clicks, send them out, and get to partying!

Our Favorite New Year’s Party Themes

When it comes to New Year’s Party themes, it’s important to find one you’re stoked about, then communicate that theme with your invitations. The invite is the first interaction people have with your party and should include all the info that lets your guests know what to aim for in terms of the style of the evening. If you’re feeling stuck picking out a theme, here are four of our favorites to steal:  

Masquerade Party

Masquerade parties are about mystery and mystique. All your guests have to do is wear a mask and dress accordingly.

masquerade new years theme party

These are a fun way to double up on themes by having a Saints and Sinners Masquerade Ball or a Pajama Masquerade Ball. It’s the perfect way to invite your friends to intermingle without the nervousness of meeting new people.

The Roaring 20’s

The Roaring 20’s are all about the glitz and glam of a good time. This theme is littered with high class, gold, fringe, and over the top costumes.

roaring 20s nye party ideas

Making an invitation that fits the theme of your party not only looks good but it helps your guests match their costumes with the theme.

Black and White Party

If you’re looking for a super easy way to throw a party and don’t want to go through too much trouble, throw a Black and White party.

new years theme party ideas

The dress code is simple enough (black and white!) and you can either make it casual or turn it into a Black Tie affair.

Midnight in Paris

best new years party ideas 2018

It’s been increasingly popular to have anti-holiday parties. For example, rather than having Valentine's dinner, everyone gathers their girlfriends to have a Galentine’s Day. Make a Midnight in Paris party a girls night in by having spa time with your closest friends and brunch the next morning! What better way to ring in the New Year than with your besties?

Now that you’ve been inspired by these New Year’s Eve Party themes, feel free to use them, adapt them, plan them, and then hop into BeFunky’s Designer to create the perfect invites in minutes. Just choose your favorite template and we’ll show you the rest!

How To Create DIY New Years Party Invitations

With your party theme in mind, head to BeFunky’s Designer, and open the Invitations templates from the the Templates tab on the left side menu. There are so many invitation templates to choose from, so pick the one with the layout that speaks to you.

diy new years party invitation templates

If your template design has an image, simply click it and select Replace Image from the menu that appears to replace it with a photo stored on your Computer. Don’t have an image readily available? Fear not! Just click on the Image Manager tab (the first icon in the left main menu) and click the Search Stock Images button. Type in a search term to access over a million free stock photos from Pexels and Pixabay, right from within the Designer!

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Next, it’s time to change out the text to reflect your own party details. Click on any textbox on your invitation and type away to replace it with your own copy. If you’d like to change the font, color, letter spacing, and more, you can customize all of the options you need in the Text Properties toolbar that appears whenever a textbox is selected. Once you have all of the wording how you like it, try rearranging it on your invitation (just click and drag to position the textboxes) so that it’s easy to read. This technique makes it easy to see what the invitation is all about with text hierarchy.

customizable nye invitation templates in BeFunky

Try experimenting with rearranging the text in different ways to see what you come up with. Sometimes separating text with a graphic element or a line is just what you need in order to visually separate something that seems wordy or text heavy.

free new years party invitation templates in BeFunky

Once you’re finished and your invite is looking perfect, head on up to the Save button at the top of the screen and save the invitation onto your computer. From there, you can print out your invitations or send them virtually to your friends via text or email.

Final Results

Ta-da! With BeFunky’s Invitation templates, it’s easy to diy the perfect invites in just a few clicks:

diy new years party invitatons

If you’ve been attending everyone else’s New Years Eve parties and think it’s about time to host your own, brainstorm some fun ideas for parties that you would want to attend. BeFunky’s Designer makes invitation design super quick and easy, so all you really have to worry about is getting all your plans nailed down. We hope you have the happiest New Year and ring it all in with a celebration to remember!

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