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6 Unique New Year’s Eve Party Themes for 2023

By Rach DePaoli | Inspiration

There’s no better way to ring in the New Year than with a New Year’s Eve party! It’s both the last time of the old year and the first time of the New Year you get to dress up and celebrate with friends and strangers alike. And rather than find somewhere else to celebrate, why not go big with your very own?

how to throw a nye party

There’s no better way to ring in the New Year than with a New Year’s Eve party! It’s both the last time of the old year and the first time of the New Year that you get to dress up and celebrate with friends and strangers alike. Rather than find somewhere else to celebrate this year, why not go big with your own party?

Whether you’ve already got a theme for your epic soireè or need some inspiration, BeFunky has you covered for both! We’ve got themes to share with you and all the New Year’s Party Invitation templates you need to make it happen. Customize BeFunky’s Invitation Templates in just a few clicks, send them out, and get to partying.

Our Favorite New Year’s Party Themes

When it comes to New Year’s Party themes, it’s essential to find one that you are excited about and then convey that theme in your design. The invite is the first interaction your guests have with your party and should include all the info that lets them know what to expect in terms of time and attire. If you’re feeling stuck picking out a theme, here are six of our favorites to use with some design inspiration included.

Masquerade Soireè

Masquerade parties are about mystery and mystique. It’s the perfect way to invite your friends to intermingle without the nervousness of meeting new people. All your guests have to do is wear a mask and dress accordingly.

nye party themes mask party

You can easily throw a simple masquerade party or host an even more elaborate soireè by doubling up on themes. You can have a Saints and Sinners Masquerade Ball or a Pajama Masquerade Party. If you need help creating an invitation from a BeFunky template, learn how to create the perfect holiday party invitations for any festive event. Once you are finished, easily export your invitation as a JPEG to email your guests for a more intimate invite.

Disco Dance Party With a Glitter Bar

Disco music has entered the scene over the past couple of years, making this a popular party theme this year! This theme is littered with glow lights, glitter, sparkles, flares, afros, and spandex. 

Tell people to dress up in their best disco outfit and have a dance party. You can also set up a glitter bar for them to enjoy once they get there. Set up a disco ball and some black lights in your space to complete the theme!

nye party themes disco

Make an invitation that fits the theme of your party. This not only looks good but it helps your guests match their attire with the theme. Disco is all about being big and bold, so choose a typeface that matches this aesthetic! If you need help, check out how to experiment with typography for effective design. Add in a disco-esque stock image from the thousands of stock images in BeFunky’s Image Manager if you don’t have any of your own.

Cocktail and Dinner Party

For all of the adults out there who want to have a classy evening that appears effortless, host a cocktail dinner party. You can have an open bar and also create three signature cocktails. Easy peasy.

nye party themes cocktail

You can hire a bartender or even hire a chef for the night if you want to have the night off from cooking. Tell people to dress in cocktail attire and arrive a half hour before dinner to enjoy a signature beverage!

Decades Party and Time Capsule Making

If you’re looking for a super easy way to throw a party and don’t want to go through too much trouble, pick a decade for people to dress up as. You can do Flappers and Dappers of the ’20s, Dazed and Confused Hippies of the ’70s, or ‘80s Rock Bands. 

You can either pick a single decade or allow people to choose what decade they want and have an eclectic decade theme. Design an Instagram Story series by simply replacing your main image to show costume inspirations. Once you create a story series, you can post it once a week to easily remind people leading up to your NYE party. 

nye party themes decades

To make it even more fun, ask everyone to bring an item to put in a time capsule. Collect the items as people come in and at midnight walk somewhere in town to bury the capsule.

Host a Game Night

With so many people glued to the television on New Year’s Eve, switch it up by hosting a game night. You can either have each guest bring a board game and play a few throughout the night or host a trivia game night.

nye party themes games

This is a great way to have fun with your friends or break the ice with strangers who show up. When creating this invitation, you can easily create a social media post with all of the details in the description so that people can save and send it to their friends.

Bubbles and Boards Brunch

It’s been increasingly popular to have anti-holiday parties. For example, rather than having Valentine's dinner, everyone gathers their girlfriends to have a Galentine’s Day. Make a Bubbles and Boards Brunch party on New Year's Day to have breakfast charcuterie boards with your friends while you drink champagne mimosas. 

When creating this invite, make it simple by creating an Instagram Story and having people RSVP to a specific handle so that they can manage the guestlist!

nye party themes brunh

You can even take this a step further and make vision boards for 2023. Ask your guests to bring some magazines and set up a station to create vision boards. 

Host an Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Party!

Now that you’ve been inspired by these New Year’s Eve Party themes, feel free to use them, adapt them, plan them, and then hop into BeFunky’s Designer to create the perfect invites in minutes.

If you’ve been attending everyone else’s New Year's Eve parties and think it’s about time to host your own, brainstorm some fun ideas for parties that you would want to attend. 

BeFunky’s Designer makes invitation design super quick and easy, so all you really have to worry about is getting all your plans nailed down. We hope you have the happiest New Year and ring it all in with a celebration to remember.

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