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DIY Halloween Party Invitations For Your Spooky Soirèe

By Rach DePaoli | Designer Tutorials

Trick or treating adventures might have been ages ago. But lucky for you, Halloween fun doesn't have to stop once you become an adult; you just need to graduate your Halloween celebrations to the next level. And what better way to celebrate than to host a Halloween party?

The best thing about Halloween parties is you can get as detailed with the theme as you want. Imagine walking into a home that is completely decked out with Hogwarts decorations and upon entering you are sorted into a house. What if you went to a costume party but had to dress up according to a Walking Dead theme? You could host a party that is just as creative and intriguing! All you need is some imagination, the dedication and space to carry out your ideas, and the right tools to create Halloween invitations that are cohesive with your spooky soirèe.

What Makes A Great Halloween Party  

Planning a Halloween party could be as simple as choosing a date and asking your guests to dress up in any costume they want. If you’re into going above and beyond, first thing’s first: travel deep within your heart and tap into that sinister side you’ve tried to hide for all these years. Dig deep and pick a festive theme you’ve always been drawn to  - think Day of the Dead, Harry Potter, or Zombies (just to name a few). Once you’ve got your theme, planning out the things that tie it together is where the real fun begins!

Harry Potter Halloween Party ideas

One of the best tools for brainstorming the food, drinks, activities, and party decor to match your theme is Pinterest. If you need a jumpstart, we’ve been curating all the fun Halloween ideas we come across on our Halloween Fun board. Head there and tap into your creative side, and you’ve got a party waiting to happen!

Halloween recipes

After you’ve figured out all of the fun ideas you want to do, the next step is inviting your friends to your party. You’ve spent all this time planning every detail, so your Halloween invitation should be cohesive to your theme, even if it’s a simple one. Thankfully, BeFunky’s Designer makes it easy for you to choose from plenty of invitation templates that you can easily customize to match the theme of your party. Using the invitation templates as a design guide, you’ll be able to make an invite so amazing, your friends will marvel at your creative skills (even if you don’t consider yourself creative).

How To Create Halloween Invitations In BeFunky

Once you have your theme picked out and all the necessary information like the event time and place, it’s time to start on an invitation. Head to BeFunky’s Designer and select Invitations from the Event Graphics templates on the left. Every element of the invitation template you’ve selected can be totally customized, so choose a format you like and we’ll show you how to transform the rest!

Free Invitation templates in BeFunky
Pro Tip:

Even if you don’t have all the details, you can always start designing and use BeFunky’s Save As Project feature to save your invite in an editable format. This way, you have a head start on the design and can fill in the blanks at a later time.

Add A Spooky Background Photo

The first thing you’ll want to change is the background image. Click on the image in the template and notice that an Image Properties menu appears. In this menu, you can click on Replace Image to choose a photo that’s stored on your computer. 

Alternatively, if you don’t have an image already stored on your computer, you can click on the Image Manager in the left toolbar. It’s the first icon at the top of the toolbar, and it’s here that you can search Pixabay’s huge library of over one million FREE stock photos to use in your project. All you have to do is click on the “...” button, type whatever kind of image you’re looking for into the search bar, and press the search button. You’ll be presented with plenty of spooky photos to use as your background photo!

DIY Halloween Invitations in BeFunky

After you’ve replaced the background image with something more theme-worthy, make sure it’s cropped to your liking. To do this, click on Crop Image in the Image Properties toolbar. 

Free Halloween Invitation Templates

When you have Crop Image selected, click and drag the image until you find your desired placement, then click the blue checkmark to set it.

How to make Halloween invitations

If you want to add even more effects to the background image, you can select Open In Image Editor from the Image Properties toolbar. When you click this button, you’ll be redirected to BeFunky’s Photo Editor to edit your image with hundreds of effects and tools. You can make the photo look haunted with Texture Backgrounds, add Halloween-esque filters like black and white, and even combine effects to get the look you’re going for. Once you’re satisfied with the look of your background photo, you’ll be redirected back to the Designer where you can continue editing your invitation template.

Get Creative With Placement And Graphics

The beauty of BeFunky’s design templates is you can change the invitation as much or as little as you’d like. By clicking on any element in the invitation template, you can rearrange the placement, resize elements, easily change colors, and so much more - the possibilities are endless. For this invitation, we changed the placement of the rectangle graphic by clicking and dragging it to the right. 

How to create Halloween Invitations

Remember how the rectangle was originally white? To change the color, click on the graphic and notice that a Graphic Properties toolbar appears when it’s selected. Simply click the box next to Color Overlay to change the color of the graphic to whatever color you want. In this case, we chose black and decreased the Opacity to 30.

Edit The Text

Now it’s time to change out the information to reflect the details of your Halloween Party. We started by dragging all of the text boxes to the right, so they’re aligned with our rectangle graphic. Clicking on any text box, you’ll be able to type away and replace the existing text with words of your own.  

Customizable Halloween Invitation templates by BeFunky

When any text box is selected, a Text Properties toolbar will appear. Here, you can change the color, font, size, opacity, and pretty much anything regarding the way your text is presented. We chose to change the font color to the same shade of orange in the background photo. To do this, click on Color from the Text Properties menu and select the Color Picker (looks like an eyedropper). This tool will allow you to choose any color on your screen to match your text color to. Choosing colors that already exist on your invitation template will help keep your design cohesive.

free Halloween fonts for invitations

Choosing Font Family from the Text Properties menu will allow you to choose from an array of free fonts available from BeFunky. We went with a font called Art Of Illuminating for the header text and Varela Round for the remainder of the text, both can be found in the Ours tab in the Font Family menu. If you’ve got your own set of scary fonts stored on your computer, you can select the Yours tab to access them for your project! Remember that it’s best to stick with two fonts that compliment one another, your design will look more balanced than if you have too many fonts contrasting one another.

Add The Finishing Touch With Graphics

Graphics can be a great addition to your invitation, whether you want to enhance the theme, make the text stand out, or break up the text with some lines. In the Design Elements tab (looks like a triangle) in the main menu on the left, you’ll find many categories of graphics, stickers, and overlays you can use in your project.  

Since we want to make the date stand out on our invitation, adding a rectangle graphic behind the text will really make it pop. We’ve selected a solid square from the Shapes category, changed the Color Overlay to white, and stretched it into a rectangle by holding down the Shift key while resizing. From the Graphic Properties menu that appears when the graphic is selected, it’s necessary to choose the Move Backwards icon to make sure the graphic sits behind the text.

DIY Halloween invites by BeFunky

Next, we added in a swirly line to break up the text. You’ll find it in the Lines category of the Design Elements tab.

DIY Halloween invite templates by BeFunky

Once you’ve got your Halloween Invitation looking exactly how you want it, use the Save button at the top of the Designer to save the invitation to your computer. From here, you can print it out to give to your guests in person or use the digital version to invite all your friends to the party. You can even use the Share button at the top of the Designer to post it right to your Facebook page if you want to invite everyone you know.

DIY Halloween party invitations

After your invitations are sent out, it’s time to start get back to planning your costume, party decorations, drinks, and food. The good news is, BeFunky can help you create even more amazing things to compliment your party - menus, scary (or just plain fun!) photo decor and more!

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