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The Perfect Holiday Party Invitations for Any Festive Event

By Rach DePaoli | Designer Tutorials Inspiration

The Holiday season is a great season for gathering up your friends and loved ones for a seasonal celebration. Whether you’re hosting an office party, formal event, or a family gathering, the best celebrations begin with a well-designed invitation. Sure, you can throw out some text messages with your party info, but nothing brings the spirit of the Holidays like a thoughtful party invitation. It’s the perfect way to set the tone of the gathering and build anticipation amongst your guests! 

holiday party inspiration 2019

With the rush and hassle that often accompanies the holiday season, creating a Holiday party invite doesn’t have to be another stressful thing on your to-do list. With BeFunky’s library of pre-designed Holiday Party Invitation templates in the Designer, you can create an invite in no time and move right onto the next item on your list! Just customize the colors, text, and imagery, then print or digitally send the invite to your guest list. It couldn’t be easier! 

Holiday Party Invitation Inspo 

No matter what kind of celebration you are hosting, BeFunky’s library of Holiday Invitation templates will guide you to the perfect invite. Here are a few of our favorite Holiday party themes to inspire you: 

Elegant Holiday Party

The Holidays are the perfect opportunity to throw a fancy soireè with formal or cocktail attire required. It gives your guests an excuse to wear their favorite sequined dresses, skinny ties and slacks, and otherwise out-of-the-ordinary outfits. All you need is a fantastic party playlist, a space that allows you to create a classy atmosphere, and some elegant party invitations to set the tone. 

elegant christmas party invitation templates by BeFunky

If you’re going for a more elegant theme, be sure to disclose the type of attire your guests can expect to wear. This way, you won’t have anyone showing up over- or under-dressed. 

White Elephant Party

There are few gift exchanges more hilarious than what you will experience at a White Elephant Party. Guests are invited to bring hilariously obnoxious and useless gifts to wrap and swap with other guests, making for a night full of laughter. 

white elephant party invitation templates by BeFunky

All you need to provide for your guests is a price limit, so no one goes overboard with their purchase (in a price value kind of way, at least)! 

Ugly Sweater Party

A Holiday classic, an Ugly Sweater Party is just what it sounds like: your guests are invited to come in their ugliest Winter sweater and party the night away. And bonus points if you turn it into a contest! That way, your guests are sure to show up in their ugliest Christmas sweater.

ugly sweater party invitation templates by BeFunky

Just be sure to don your own ugly sweater, provide an awesome prize for the winner, and you’re good to go on this one! 

Holiday Movie Marathon  

Movie buffs, rejoice! The Holiday movie genre is full of great classics and majorly cheesy flops. Whether you only want to show the greats or you want a funny variety, a Holiday Movie Marathon party is the perfect way to gather your friends and spend the day lounging, eating, and enjoying a parade of Holiday movies. 

holiday movie party invitation template by BeFunky

All you need to pull this one off is a space (and screen!) big enough to host all your guests, a queue of your favorite Holiday movies, cozy attire, and plenty of movie snacks to keep the party going!

How To Design The Perfect Holiday Party Invites

No matter what kind of party you’re hosting for the Holidays, we’ve got you covered on invitations! To get started with your invite design, head to BeFunky’s Graphic Designer and select the Search Templates button from the Templates tab. Then, type “Holiday Party Invitation” into the search bar and press Enter on your keyboard. This will bring up our library of Holiday Party Invitations for you to browse, and when you find the perfect layout, click the Use This Template button. 

Holiday Party Invitation templates by BeFunky

Everything on your template is fully customizable, from the text to the color scheme, imagery, and more. If your template has a solid colored background (as opposed to an image background), you can adjust the background color by heading to the Customize tab (the mixing board icon) in the menu on the left. Click the tile directly beneath Background Color and a color palette will appear, allowing you to choose any hue you want. 

how to change the background color of design template in BeFunky

If your template has a background image (or any image!), you can easily change those by clicking on the Image Manager and uploading new photos there from your Computer or our Stock Image Library. Simply drag and drop the image thumbnails from your uploads into the images on the template to swap them! 

With your color scheme and imagery set, it’s time to add the details of your event. Double-click any textbox to type in your event details.  

how to customize text on design template in BeFunky

You’ll notice that any time a textbox is highlighted, a Text Properties toolbar will appear. This menu will allow you to change the Font, Colors, Letter Spacing, and so much more! To choose a new font for your text elements, click the font in the Text Properties toolbar to bring up a dropdown menu of hundreds of fonts for you to choose (or you can easily add your own fonts to the list!). This will help you match the aesthetic of your Holiday party. 

how to change the font in BeFunky

Pro Tip: By holding down the Command key on your computer, you are able to select multiple items on your template to adjust at once. This is a great tip to use when you want to adjust the size, color, font, or placement of your texts to the same setting without having to adjust them separately.

how to select all textboxes at once

Finally, use the Text Properties toolbar to change the color scheme of your text. You’ll notice that you can choose a new hue for your Text Color, Background of the text box, Outline of the text, and Highlight color of the text. We kept it simple by only altering the Text Color, but feel free to experiment with other color options that best fit the aesthetic of your event! 

how to change the color scheme invitation party templates

Each image, design element, textbox, and layer is fully adjustable and customizable on your invitation design template. To adjust the placement of any layer, click and drag it to your desired place. You can add more design elements and icons to your invitation template by clicking on the Graphics tab (the heart icon) in the main menu on the left. 

After you’re finished customizing your Holiday Party Invitation, click the Save button on the top of the page. If you want to send your invites digitally, choose the Computer option and select either JPG or PNG format.

how to print and send holiday party invitation templates

If you’d rather print your invites, choose the Computer option and select PDF format (the ideal for printing!), then choose Print under the Quality section. These invitations are easy to print at home or to make your life even easier, send the PDF file to your local printer to pick up on the way home from your holiday shopping!

Final Results

There you have it - the perfect Holiday Party Invitation to get guests excited about the big event! 

Holiday party invitation templates by BeFunky Graphic Designer

With BeFunky’s library of Holiday Party Invitation templates that are beautifully pre-designed and fully customizable, you can easily create an invite to accompany your party so you can get back to focusing on hosting it all. Click the link below to check out our Holiday Party Invitation templates and get started with your design!

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