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Rock Your No Makeup Selfie With These Filters

By Kelsey Wilburn | Effects Showcase


They're everywhere - #IWokeUpLikeThis #NoMakeUpSelfies.
Filling our Instagram feeds, inspiring envy in those of us without perfect complexions, and often making us wonder "how on earth do you look like that without makeup on?"

Honestly? It's about the filters. I've never been a fan of the #NoFilterNeeded hashtag because I firmly believe a filter is almost always needed. We don't need blurred images or rainbows of color covering our posts, but a filter can do wonders for the every-day sunset, the photo of your cat that looks rather drab, and most importantly, for selfies.

"how on earth do you look like that without makeup on?"

The first time I felt inspired to take a #NoMakeUpSelfie was after a transcendent facial at a local salon. I felt so "glowy" that I couldn't help but snap a photo of my face. I felt uncomfortable posting a bare-faced photo though, so I let some filtering do its work and found that I felt gorgeous wearing nothing but a Chromatic 2, dialed down a notch or two.

What are the best filters for a fresh-faced look?


B&W is every girl's best friend for selfies. It naturally covers up any complexion irregularities, hides blemishes, and makes you look effortlessly pretty!


 Chromatic 2 is another friend as it lends warmth to photos that masks blemishes and complexion issues! I love that it adds a bit of dimension to hair color and enhances brightness in your eyes and teeth!


I'm obsessed with filters that add not only warmth, like Chromatic 2, but add some sun flares or light leaks that are often present in film photography. This filter makes every photo look like it was taken in mid-summer when your skin glows and you've got the start to a tan!

Always remember - if your face is bare, your photo shouldn't be! Be sure to add a filter to enhance your natural beauty!

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