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Black & White Photography Filters – Mobile

By BeFunky | Effects Showcase

Black and white photography has an amazing ability to display tones dramatically, and with our Edits features you can create stunning B&W images.

I myself am a big fan of black and white photography and lately I shoot the most from my smartphone so I'm very happy to share the lightening edits I do to my photos before applying a B&W filter with the BeFunky Mobile App.

At A Cafe Solo


Exposure Fill Light Brightness2

Fill Light: brightens just the dark spaces.
Exposure: multiplies the light in your image, it's my first option for underexposed images.
Brightness: adds luminosity to your photo's mid-tones.

Black and white effects

After you've edited the luminosity on your photo, you can try our B&W Effects and choose the perfect one for your beautiful photo.

When you have a photo you’d like to give a black and white effect to, open it in BeFunky, pick one of the B&W filters, and then adjust how much of the filter you’d like to apply by simply sliding your finger left (for less) or right (for more). You can choose from these effects:
B&W Creamy:
presents a gentler hue, similar to sepia, it adds richness to your photos without much contrast.
B&W Warmer:
if there is a B&W effect that is ideal for adding summery monochromes, this is it!
the most straightforward B&W filter for your photograph.
B&W Cooler:
stronger blue tones and mild black over white spaces - for a cooler feeling.
B&W Dramatic:
just as the name says, this is a 'dramatic' filter. It highlights white spaces and adds stronger contrast to your B&W photos. 
Glowing B&W:
if you want a cross between B&W Dramatic and B&W with an extra touch of radiance, this is your filter.

Beach Black White

Other Photos Edited On BeFunky Mobile Collage Maker

Selective Color BW

BeFunky Pro Tip: 
Try the Paint Mode with B&W Effects to get a selective vibrant color to become the main subject of your photo. (Paint Mode Tutorial coming soon!)

Don't be afraid to take a beautiful landscape photograph and transform it in black and white, same goes with portraits and street photography. Our BeFunky Photo Editor & Collage Maker makes it super easy for you, have fun editing!

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