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Why You Should Create a Monthly Vision Board

By Emma Berry | Collage Maker Tutorials

At the beginning of the year, you might’ve found yourself creating a vision board to map out the next 365 days. While creating a vision board for the new year is a great way to manifest your long-term goals, you can also use them to help you plan your social media content each month. There’s nothing more pleasing than an aesthetic and cohesive social media theme, but it can be hard sometimes to curate content that consistently matches your theme. Creating a monthly vision board breaks down this process into something a lot more manageable. BeFunky’s Collage Maker has everything you need to create these monthly vision boards that will help direct your social media and keep it cohesive.

How to Create a Monthly Vision Board

To create your monthly vision board, start by opening the Collage Maker.

Step 1: Upload or Select Stock Images

You want to choose the images you want to use on your vision board. To do this, go to the Image Manager section on your sidebar. You can upload your own or browse our extensive stock image library.

Choose Photos Vision Board

Step 2: Choose Your Layout

Once your photos are uploaded or selected, go to the Layouts section. We recommend using the Collage Wizard tool, which will provide you with a variety of layout options to display your photos.

Open Collage Wizard Vision Board

Select each image you want to include under Select Images and then click Use Images to add them to the layouts that the Collage Wizard will suggest.

Select Images Vision Board

To explore the different layout options, click the arrow button until you find your favorite. Once you’ve decided on a layout, click Select this Collage.

Choose Layout Vision Board

Step 3: Add Text

Once you have finalized the layout, you can start to add text to your vision board – if that's part of your vision! To do this, click on the Text menu and then Add Text.

Add Text to Vision Board

You will be able to change the font, size, and color of your text using the Text Properties menu on the left.

Step 4: Save Your Vision Board

Once you’ve perfected your vision board, just click Save at the top of the menu to the location of your choice!

Screen, Electronics, Text, File

Good Vibes Only on This Board

And that’s it! The BeFunky Collage Maker makes it beyond easy to visualize your social media aesthetic for the month.

Pink template with roses and text

Monthly Vision Board Inspiration

The goal in making these monthly vision boards is to help you visualize your social media aesthetic. These boards should make it easier to stick to and manage your social media theme.

90s Mood Board for Social Media

Envisioning your aesthetic beforehand will help your grid look cohesive and on-brand when you start posting – whether you choose to go for '90s grunge or baking inspiration!

Pinterest Vision Board

Remember to save any photos or inspiration to your computer that you find so you can upload them later!

Plant Vision Board Social

Visualize Your Aesthetic With a Vision Board

Creating a cohesive social media aesthetic doesn’t have to be hard. Use BeFunky’s Collage Maker to help make the process a little easier. Are you ready to take your social media to a whole new level? Click below to start creating your monthly vision board!

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