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Get Bold, Beautiful Lashes With The Mascara Tool

By Peter Latriano | Photo Editor Tutorials Touch Ups

They say eyes are the windows to the soul, and for a good reason. Sometimes all it takes is a little eye contact to know you’ve found “the one.” But whether you’re looking to find that special person through your dating profile pics or just like to look your absolute best in photos, it’s important to keep your eyes looking bright and beautiful. Unfortunately, to do so you usually have to spend a great deal of time applying mascara and other eye makeup. But not anymore! With BeFunky’s Mascara tool, you’ll be able to draw attention to your eyes without the complicated makeup process. The Mascara Tool is one of many amazing BeFunky Plus features, and all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse to be able to define, darken and lengthen your lashes in your photos. It’ll create an alluring look that’ll enhance those beautiful eyes of yours! 

Bring out the Radiant in You

We’d like to start by saying photo retouching isn’t about making yourself look perfect; it’s about bringing out your best features. And with BeFunky’s Photo Editor, it couldn’t be simpler to do! Our Mascara tool will glide on smoothly every time. That means no more flaking, no more clumping and no more spider leg lashes. All you have to do is apply our one-of-a-kind Mascara tool to highlight your eyes and add that finishing touch that’ll bring your whole look together.

When you’re ready to get started, upload an image to the Photo Editor. Then, go into the Touch Up menu and select Mascara from the section labeled Eyes.

retouch photos in befunky

Pro Tip: Zoom into your photo as much as possible and apply the effect evenly for the best results.

Turn Up the Volume

Say goodbye to your messy mascara wand and hello to the magic of BeFunky! With several customizable photo retouching options, it makes it simple for you to achieve the exact look you’re going for. Whether that’s simple, sultry or bold, it’s super easy to adjust your tool and create a style that is uniquely you.

Under the Mascara menu you’ll see a sliding scale labeled Strength, which will automatically be set to the maximum. If you’re going for the sultry look, keep the Strength slider as-is. This will create a dark, smoky eye. But for a less dramatic look, decrease the strength of the Mascara tool before you edit photos by sliding the scale towards the left.

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Next, adjust Brush Size using the sliding scale. The exact size of your tool will depend on the dimensions of your image and the fullness of your eyelashes in their natural state. If you have a smaller image or short lashes, turn down Brush Size by dragging the sliding scale to the right. If you have longer lashes (lucky!) and a high-resolution image, then increase Brush Size by dragging the sliding scale towards the right.

You can also customize the hardness of your brush by adjusting the sliding scale under Brush Hardness. To create well-defined eyelashes and a crisp outline, increase Brush Hardness by sliding the scale towards the right. To create thicker eyelashes and a softer appearance, decrease Brush Hardness by sliding the scale towards the left.

Instant Application

When it comes to photo retouching tools, BeFunky’s Mascara tool will be the apple of your eye. It’s stunning effects help bring out the beauty in your eyes, without having to apply any makeup in real life. Sick of your mascara dulling throughout the day? Our digital mascara will last forever. Tired of dealing with moisture and smudging? With our Photo Editor, you’ll never have to worry about buying waterproof mascara again. Done taking the time to remove stubborn mascara at the end of the day? With BeFunky’s Mascara tool, you can remove the effect in a few easy clicks of the mouse.

Now, for the final step! To apply the effect, simply click and drag your mouse over your eyelashes in your photo. When you do, your eyelashes will instantly become longer, fuller and more beautiful. When you’re finished photo retouching, click the blue checkmark button to apply the effect.

eye enhancer photo editing tools by befunky

Pro Tip: If you make any mistakes you can always undo the effect by selecting Erase.

Be A Sight for Sore Eyes

There’s no denying that mascara has a huge impact on your overall look, but don’t stop there! With BeFunky’s Touch Up tools, you’ll be able to apply a wide range different effects that’ll help you look your best in every photo. Try our Eyebrow Pencil to create an even bolder look, Eye Brighten tool to light up your eyes, Eye Color tool to experiment with your appearance and more!

how to brighten eyes in photos with BeFunky

Pro Tip: Before you enhance your appearance with Touch Up tools, be sure to apply the Fix Redeye tool if needed.

Final Results

Attracting attention to your eyes is easy with BeFunky’s Photo Editor. Use our Mascara tool today to create long, beautiful and luscious eyelashes in your photos!

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Photo Retouching, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified