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Kaila Moore / Wedding photographer

By Derric | Case Studies

Kaila is a wedding and portrait photographer from Calgary, Alberta so a lot of her clients are looking for photos that are both tasteful and unique. What she loves about BeFunky is that it makes her shots really distinctive without any work at all. Here we have some self portraits of Kaila, touched with her favorite BeFunky effects.

Person, Human, Flower, Blossom, Plant, Finger

- My favorite effect, which I would recommend to other photographers, would be the lomo or holga art effects. Who doesn't love toy cameras and the images created with them and film? Also the cyanotype and b&w really complement my photographs.

Crowd, Carnival, Skin, Parade

- And the grunge effect, I love the textures and contrast you get from this effect. I could go on and on. People find my creations beautiful, unique and inspiring, and I really credit BeFunky for helping me make them extra special.

Blonde, Person, Female, Girl, Woman, Kid

- I would absolutely recommend BeFunky to any of my friends and anyone else considering easy-to-use digital effects. I think they would have lots of fun playing around and creating something special. One of my friends has already signed up for BeFunky!"

Visit Kaila's website: http://www.kailamoorephotography.com/

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