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Featured User: Mark Schmidt

By Derric | Case Studies

Mark is one of our professional users who has added BeFunky to their favorite photo editing tools. He's running a photography studio named Your Artography in Lafayette, Colorado. His studio is focused on creating unique works of art from client photos.

BeFunky: What kind of photos do you take?
Mark: My work is focused on creating individualized artistic representations based on portraits.

Glass, Beverage, Drink, Alcohol, Bottle, Person

What are your favorite effects?
I find that I use most of the effects in Befunky. It is my goal to create individualized pieces for my clients which means I mix it up quite a bit.

Can you give us some tips about using these effects?
Don't be afraid to experiment and use multiple effects within a single photo. Many of my more popular works contain 2 or 3 effects used in 1 photo.

The benefit of BeFunky is the undo key. Use it to your advantage.

I also recommend that you apply an effect to a photo then save it to a working file. Reopen the saved work and apply secondary effects. If you don't like it you have at least saved your starting point.

Collage, Poster, Advertisement, Person, Human, Graphics

What do you like best about BeFunky?
I use Photoshop and other more complex programs in my studio but find that the ease of applying your pre-made templates makes it much quicker for me to evaluate what will work well with photos I am working on.

Graphics, Art, Drawing, Painting, Face

What don't you like and wish would change?
I would like to see the crop feature work in inches to ease the transition to printed sizes.

What value does it add to your business?
BeFunky adds value by allowing me to save post-production time. Those saved minutes and hours add up to a big financial savings.

Person, Human, Drawing, Art, Sketch, Face
Face, Person, Human

To whom would you recommend BeFunky to (if you would)?
I can't think of anyone who enjoys photography that would not benefit from using the BeFunky program.

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