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Featured User: Peter Spowage

By Derric | Case Studies

Peter loves Facebook. At least that's what you can conclude by taking a quick look at our BeFunky Facebook page. You see, Peter's been flooding our page with personal photos that he's turned into artwork using BeFunky. And his creations have inspired so many others to do the same. Read on to learn about the monster we've created.

Heliride - Grunge

- I take photos of what is around me and where ever I go. My daughter (Evie) is one of my sources for some wonderful pictures. I have also collections of material from where ever I have been hence the buildings, transport and animals. My source for flowers is my garden as I am a keen gardener and what better then to capture them forever.

Tulips - Pop Art

- BeFunky has given me the opportunity to transform my photos in seconds, not just to any one visual effect but to many visual effects and designs.
Storing the photos in BeFunky is great as I can retrieve and edit where ever I go.

Evie - Charcoal
Evie - Holga Art#5

- I like BeFunky because it's simple, quick and fun! I have always liked taking photos but wanted to do more with them so my motivation and fun levels using Befunky has increased. It set me photo snapping happy.

Evie - Grunge

- One thing I'd like to be added to BeFunky is the ability to re-edit text from a previous saved photo.

Railway -Speech Balloons

- I'd recommend BeFunky to everyone and anyone who wants to see more from their collections of photos. You don't have to use Befunky just for photos. I created my England flag from using a basic drawing application and then used Befunky to get the effect I wanted. It has giving me some further ideas of what I can do with my photos which I am planning to explore in the near future.

Steam Engine - Line Artopia

Peter lives in the West Midlands which is in the heart of the UK and it is where England's second city Birmingham is situated. He is a Project Manager, working for a global print and media organization. You can follow him on twitter: @Sparrow7777

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