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The Best Instagram Ad Tips From a Marketer

By Rach DePaoli | Inspiration

Social media users routinely get caught up in buying all sorts of advertisements on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. This is one of the easiest ways for you, as a business, to market to the demographic of your choosing. 35% of Instagram users will make a purchase on the platform in 2023 (35% of 1 billion users is a lot) and 15% of U.S. shoppers start their online shopping searches on Instagram – so Instagram has the capacity to be a great platform for marketing your ads.

We’ve gone over How to Create Click-Worthy Instagram Ads, but what kinds of ads perform the best on Instagram? If you need help with your design direction, we are going to showcase the kinds of ads that perform the best on this platform. When you’re ready to start designing your Instagram ad, BeFunky’s Designer templates will make creating Instagram ads easy.

5 Tips for Making High-Performing Instagram Ads

With so many ads saturating this platform, it is important to create ads with these five tips in mind so that they will better perform when up against other ads. The goal here is to “Stop the Scroll”. This means getting a user to be visually interested enough in your ad to stop their endless scrolling. 

While video ads and gifs are a helpful way to Stop the Scroll, it isn’t the only way. If you want to get even fancier, you can use static images to create Reels and then download your Reel to use for an ad. There are so many possibilities when creating ads but we are going to showcase some static ads below that you can create with BeFunky’s Graphic Designer.

1. Include Bright Colors

When scrolling Instagram, what are the kinds of images that make you Stop the Scroll? Have you noticed a pattern? Oftentimes, brightly colored posts perform really well in someone’s feed because it stands out from the majority of other posts they are seeing.

instagram ad colors

When your feed includes hundreds of video posts and similar kinds of photography, stepping out to post a design-forward ad can often be the difference between someone clicking on your ad and not.

2. Choose Bold, Eye-Catching Fonts

We have officially exited the minimalistic phase of design and are now opting for more stylized fonts. These kinds of fonts are able to communicate so much personality and emotion, so make sure to choose one that fits your brand or messaging. These perform well, especially right now because the use of stylized fonts is still new. We aren’t used to seeing them throughout our feeds so they are immediately eye-catching.

instagram ad text

3. Appeal to Emotion

Most often, when marketers discuss appealing to emotion, they want you to appeal to sadness because this is one of the strongest emotions to motivate someone into action. This technique is called Emotional Appeal Advertising. After all, 71% of customers recommend a brand based on emotion. You can do this, and it often works, but you can also appeal to emotions like happiness, joy, and curiosity. When you elicit an emotional response, you are more likely to be able to funnel these people to the next stage where they look for more information and then eventually purchase or donate.

instagram ad emotion

4. Always Have a Clear Call to Action

If you want people to sign up, register, or buy something, you need to include a clear CTA. People are being inundated with ads every day and their rational brains are not able to work quickly when mindlessly scrolling. Including a clear CTA of exactly what you want your audience to do will help them along in their customer journey.

instagram ad cta

In the yoga ad above, if you are offering a free yoga class each week over a live stream but you don’t include a clear CTA, people might think that they need to purchase a class or sign up. If you include the CTA to “Set a Reminder” and then make it easy for them to do so, you are setting a clear path for them to travel, without getting lost. 

5. Give Them an Offer They Can’t Pass Up

Creating immediacy in an ad is the perfect way to lure people into a sale. These are the kinds of ads that offer a discount for a limited time to urge someone to have to make the decision to buy now.

urgent instagram ad

You can do this by including a code in the ad, or including a link to shop now.

Create High-Performing Instagram Ads With BeFunky

Creating high-performing Instagram ads doesn’t have to be difficult. If you don’t know where to start, try any one of the tips above. If you are still getting stuck, you might want to check out any of our recent articles to make sure that you are catching the right demographic. When you are ready to start creating your ads, you can use BeFunky’s Designer and follow this article for a tutorial.

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