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An Easy Way to Turn Your Photos Into an Instagram Reel

By Rach DePaoli | Featured Inspiration

Creating Instagram Reels for your personal or business social media profile is one of the most important things you can do to grow your social media presence this year. Reels are short video clips that last up to 90 seconds max and can be easily created in BeFunky’s Graphic Designer. Reels generate 40-60% more viewership than Postscheck out this article if you want to know why you should start creating Instagram Reels. 

If you already know that you should be creating Reel content but just don’t know what kind of content to produce, montage reels are a great way to showcase anything from your trip highlights to your home renovation!

5 Types of Photo Montage Reels to Try

Reel montages are fast-paced reels that change images rapidly. When you can take simple photos, and turn them into a video that people can interact with in different ways, you’ve turned your assets into valuable content that can even be shared across multiple platforms. Let’s take a look at a few examples of the types of montage reels you can create.

Create a Travel Montage Reel

Travel montage reels highlight your favorite images from a trip so that you’re able to share multiple images in a condensed format What would take you a few weeks of posting on your feed, you can post in one reel.

travel montage ig

Show Off a Renovation With a Montage Reel

Whether you flip furniture or you just finished a kitchen renovation, a video montage is a great way to show off your new renovations! If you have any type of content that fits into a ‘showoff genre’, like a motorcycle renovation, or a craft room you’re showing off, this is a great way to show your followers what you’re up to!

montage ig reel

Highlight Products With a Montage Reel

A video montage is a great way to highlight products that you have in a shop. You can take individual photos of each item, whether it is a product photo or a lifestyle photo, and highlight your whole product lineup. This can also be great to do for each quarter when you have new products coming into your shop.

product ig reel

Inspire With an Interior Design Montage Reel

Video montages are a great way to inspire your audience. Creating an aesthetic interior design reel and matching specifically styled photos is a simple way to create valuable content!

interior ig reel

You can even do this type of Reel content with any aesthetic you wish to inspire in your audience including light or dark academia themes.

Highlight Your Favorites

If you have a favorite list of books or your yearly favorite makeup or skincare picks, this is a great way to highlight your favorite items!

ig montage reel

How to Create a Reel With Static Images

Now that you’ve looked at a few examples of Instagram Reels you can create, let’s head to BeFunky’s Graphic Designer to learn how to make your own! This is a really simple tutorial to follow and can be replicated for any type of theme you want to make.

Step 1: Start With a Blank Canvas

From BeFunky’s Graphic Designer, select the Blank Canvas tab at the top of the screen and then select Social Media Story from the Social Media group.

blank canvas for insta reel

Step 2: Upload Your Image and Adjust

Head to the Image Manager in the left-hand menu and select Computer if you have your own photos to upload or Search Stock Images if you are simply wanting to create an inspirational aesthetic theme.

image manager insta gif

Once you have your images uploaded, select one of them and drag and drop it onto your canvas. Drag any of the corners outward to format it to your canvas. You can double-click on the image if you want to change the crop composition of your image.

adjust photos for ig

Step 3: Save Your Image and Repeat If Necessary

Once you are all finished, select Save at the top of your screen and then select Computer. Create a folder for this project on your computer so that it is easy to locate all of the images for this particular Reel.

save images

Before saving, you can add any extra elements that you want to. We are going to highlight the colors of the renovation we are doing, so we are going to add a circular color swatch.

Take a look at this video montage Reel we made from simple photos we already had on hand! If you want to find out how to create this on Instagram, follow the steps below.

gif photos for ig

Make an Instagram Reel

When you are ready to upload your photos and create your montage Reel on Instagram, open the app and follow these steps.

Step 1: Start an Instagram Reel

At the top of your app, select the addition button. When the menu pops up, select Reel.

add photo for a reel

Step 2: Upload and Select Photos 

Upload the photos you made in BeFunky’s Graphic Designer and press Select. This will allow you to select multiple images at once rather than adding them each at one time. You will notice that once you press Select, the button will change to Cancel, select this if you’d like to go back to adding the images one by one.

select images for reel

Once you have them added to your Reel, select the arrow at the bottom of your screen to continue.

Step 3: Pick a Trending Audio

Press the Search button to select audio. You can check out this article from Later for the latest trending audio.

reel select audio

You can also find and save audio clips on Instagram while you are browsing. I typically will save audio to my profile when I hear a song I like so that I can simply search my saved audio library on Instagram when I need to create content.

add audio to reel

Step 4: Set the Timing

Once you have your images and audio selected, you can scrub the timestamp on each photo so that it matches the beat of the audio. Scrubbing simply means moving the slider along the timeline back and forth. By selecting either side of this scrubbing feature, you can set the timing of each photo. You will notice that each time you scrub the timestamp, you will hear the section of audio that will play on that clip.

scrub length for reel

Once you have all of these done, make sure to play your Reel back so you can see if everything aligns how you want it to. When you think it is finished, select Done.

finished photo reel

Step 5: Save and Post

When you are all set, you want to make sure that you save the Reel to your phone’s camera reel. I always do this just as a safety measure. You will notice that if you do, you can’t export the audio with it, but just make a note somewhere of the audio you used for the future. After you save it to your phone, select Next at the bottom of the screen.

next reel

The final thing you will do is write your caption, select a thumbnail, and post your new Reel by selecting Next at the bottom of the screen.

Making a Video Montage From Photos Is Easy

As you can see, making a video montage from a collection of photos you already have on hand is easy with BeFunky’s Graphic Designer. This is a simple and quick way to create valuable content for your brand or personal social media profile.

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified