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How To Use Touch Up Tools

By BeFunky | Effects Showcase

Sometimes your pictures just get washed out. Or maybe Red Eye might be plaguing you. Whatever the cause may be, the BeFunky Photo Editor's Touch Up tools are here to make sure you're always looking your absolute best.

Use them to make subtle changes to your photos like erasing blemishes, changing eye color, and even whitening your teeth. Or you could even take it a step further and use our digital makeup kit to add lipstick, bronzer, and blush (hoorah!).

Getting Started

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 10.31.36

To give you a quick rundown of all the magic we've got in store, we'll be going through all the goodies we've got in our Touch Up arsenal along with a quick how to of how to use each effect—enjoy!

Get Perfect Skin

Never have a less than stellar selfie again. If you're having a bad skin day (or maybe you're just really hungover), the Perfect Skin tool is designed to even out and smooth skin tone without looking too airbrushed. Just select the tool, adjust the strength, and paint over the areas you want corrected. Think of it like magic, only without that meddling Lord Voldemort in the way.


Fix Redeye

Fix red eyes by adjusting your brush size and hardness (aka how strong the effect will be painted on), then click/drag over the red color. It's that easy!


Eye Color

Selecting your desired color, then adjust your effect strength, brush size and hardness. Click and drag to paint the color over the eyes.  If you painted outside of the eye, just click on 'Erase' to clean the area or use the Undo feature to go back to your last move. Alternatively, you can also click on 'Reset' to start all over again.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 10.59.01

Eye Brighten

Whether you’ve been out partying til sunrise or just had a very, very late night of Netflix and chill, use the new Eye Brighten tool to perk up your look. Adjust your brush size, hover over the whites of your eyes, click and suddenly you're the belle of the IHOP. Way to go champ.


Just point and click for thick, luscious lashes. Take that, $30 mascara.


This tool works the same way as the Eye Color tool.  If you can't find the color you're looking for on the 'Color Palette', you can also click on the first color to show our Color Picker with tons of additional gorgeous color options.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.32.06

Blush & Bronzer

Depending on your face shape, you can choose to add blush and bronzer to keep your makeup looking simple and clean.  Both sets of tools will allow you to choose a color from the color palette along with your color tone, strength, brush size and hardness.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.45.47

Eyebrow Pencil

Fill in all the sparse areas in your brows to really tie your look all together. Just choose your desired shade and strength, and fill in those brows to your liking. Meow.

eyebrow pencil

Hair Color

Been dying to test out a new shade but you're too scared to commit? That's just fine—try out each and every color hair with the new Hair Color tool until you find the look that's just right (hello, bubblegum pink!). Use it just like the lipstick tool: point and paint, baby.

Blemish Fix

This retouching tool will get rid of pesky blemishes and is great for individual spot treatment. Select your brush size and hardness, then click to paint on the parts of the image you want to retouch. Each click adds a layer depending on how subtle you want the retouch to be.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.51.58

Teeth Whiten

Adjust the brush size and hardness then click and drag over the teeth to whiten them as much as you want!

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 14.17.41


The holidays are fast approaching, which inevitably means your jeans will become just that much tighter for every piece of joyous pie you eat. If you find yourself despairing, never fear: the Slimming tool is here for you. To use it, just adjust the amount of the effect with the slider, and suddenly you’re back to your slimmed down self.


This tool will allow you to remove unwanted objects from your photos (or add more to them) by cloning and painting them. Start by selecting your source point by clicking anywhere on the photo. Adjust your brush hardness, then simply click and drag over the part of the photo you want to remove. Easy peasy.

Pro Tip: Hold down the Ctrl/Command ket on your keyboard and click the image to select a new clone source.

Clone Tutorial 4

Retouching your photos with our Touch Up tools can make big changes in subtle ways, and helps bring out the best of your images.


Photo Retouching, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified