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Holiday Card Templates for Spreading Extra Cheer

By Melanie Doncas | Inspiration

As 2020 draws to a close, we can’t help but think: what a heck of a year it has been. Sure, we might all be counting down those final months, but forget the doom and gloom! Now, more than ever, it’s important to slow down and embrace the holiday cheer.

Holiday card templates by BeFunky

So, how can we spread the love this season? Start by sending a good ol’ fashioned holiday card, of course! Keep reading, because we’re going to show you how you can quickly and easily create your own holiday cards – all within a few clicks!

Holiday Card Inspiration

It doesn’t matter what holiday you or your loved ones are celebrating, BeFunky’s Graphic Designer has plenty of customizable options to get them feeling merry. In fact, if you’re looking for some additional inspiration yourself, we’ve rounded up three amazing ideas (with templates!) to get you started.

Share a Photo

Personalize your holiday card with a photo featuring you and your family for something unique and sentimental. Recipients will instantly know who’s sending them well wishes, plus it turns your holiday card into something worth displaying on the mantelpiece – front and center. It also gives you a great excuse to gather the gang and organize a holiday-themed photo shoot. Trust us, it’s something you and your recipients will treasure for years to come!


Share a Photo Collage

Now, what if you love multiple photos from your family photo shoot and just can’t choose one for this year’s holiday cards? Never fear, just create a photo collage card instead! Simply choose a collection of your favorite photos featuring you and your loved ones, then arrange them into a collage to showcase proudly on your card. You can use these images to tell a story about the year that was (oh my, how the kids have grown!) or to display each individual family member in a photo of their own – pets included.

Photo collage holiday card template by BeFunky

Keep it Classic

Not a fan of photo-clad holiday cards? That’s ok! You can also choose a classic, text-only holiday card template to spread the end-of-year cheer. Keep it traditional with shades of green, red, silver, or gold, or mix it up with a modern and on-trend color scheme, like the pink-dominant palette featured in this template.

Classic Christmas card templates from BeFunky

How to Create the Perfect Holiday Card

Ready to create your own holiday card? To get started, head to the Graphic Designer. Then, from the Templates Library, navigate to Events and Cards in the menu on the left, followed by Winter Holiday.

Choose a holiday card template in BeFunky

From here, you can select the design that takes your fancy. Just click Use This Template to begin.

Preview a holiday card template in BeFunky

Firstly, you’ll want to swap out your template’s existing photo for one featuring you and your loved ones. To do this, click the photo you wish to swap. Then, from the Image Properties menu that appears, click Replace. This allows you to upload a photo directly from your Computer’s files.

Replace the image in BeFunky

Alternatively, you can navigate to Image Manager in the main menu on the left to upload a photo from your BeFunky account, as well as Facebook or Google Photos. Simply click the green button featuring three dots to do this and then drag and drop your selected image into the template to replace it. 

Import a free stock photo into BeFunky

With your photo in place, it’s time to change the existing text to feature your own names. To edit text, all you need to do is double-click the text box and type what you wish for it to say.

Edit the text of BeFunky

You’ll also notice that when you click on a text box, a Text Properties menu appears. From here, you can change things such as the Font, Size, Text Color, Spacing, and more.

Customize the text in BeFunky

You can also change the color of graphics in your template, if you wish to switch up the color scheme. Simply click on the graphic you wish to change, then from the Graphic Properties menu, click the square located next to Color Overlay. This will allow you to choose a color from the Color Wheel, type in the color’s HEX Code (if you know it) or use the Eyedropper Tool to select a color already present in your design.

Color match within BeFunky

Once you’re happy with how your holiday card looks, it’s time to save your design so it’s ready to send digitally or print to send in the post.

Save your BeFunky holiday card design

Click Save at the top of the screen, then choose your desired Save location. To save your card in the best resolution, we recommend saving it in PDF format. Simply select Print if you’ll be printing your card to send a physical copy, or Web if you’ll be sending it digitally.

Save your BeFunky holiday card to print

Next Steps

Final BeFunky holiday card design

Now that your holiday card design has been taken care of, it’s time to start collecting the addresses, emails, or phone numbers of your recipients – depending on how you wish to send it, of course! Send your PDF file to your printer of choice to get the ball rolling, or if you’re sending your holiday cards digitally this year, get those text messages or emails written up and ready to go!

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