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How to Create a Glitch Profile Picture

By Vanessa Poulson | Basic Photo Editing Photo Editor Tutorials

How do you transform your boring pictures into unique glitch art profile pictures? The simplest answer is: use BeFunky’s Glitch Art effects to transform your selfies and portraits into photo glitch masterpieces, no signal error needed. From our Photo Editor, it’s only a couple of clicks to apply our Glitch Art effects. Read on for a detailed tutorial with all the tips and info you need, plus some inspiration for your next photo editing session! 

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How to Create a Glitch Profile Picture

If you’re inspired to create a glitch profile picture, start by opening our Glitch Art effects in the Photo Editor. Look for a photo to give a glitch effect with a simple background and only one or two subjects. When you glitch an image, a lot of visual elements distort. If your photo is too busy, you risk the subject not standing out in the photo. 

glitch art effects portraits

With our Glitch Art effects, you’ll find a variety of options to create a glitch profile picture. For this tutorial, we're going to use our Glitch Art effect, Distorted

Online glitch art editor

Using the blue slider, you can increase or decrease the amount of effect applied to your photo. You can also click on the Settings button and manipulate the amount, phase, length, and horizontal position of the glitch.

Online distorted photo effects

Additionally, you can change the glitch effect from color to grayscale. Once you're satisfied with how your glitch image looks, click on the blue checkmark to apply the changes.

Glitch profile picture final result

Navigate to the top menu to save your all-new glitch profile picture and voilà, you’re done!

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Final Results

Final glitch effect profile image

Creating an interesting glitch effect on your photos is all about creativity. Play around with settings and layer different photo glitch effects to create uniquely distorted images. 

Glitch Profile Picture Inspiration

Struggling to get inspired to create your glitch profile picture? Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to incorporate the glitch effect on your images.

Use the Corrupted Glitch Art Effect 

The corrupted photo glitch makes your profile picture look like it’s experiencing an “error” signal. Don’t worry, there’s no file corruption here, just the right amount of glitch effect to create an interesting portrait that stands out from the rest.

Corrupted glitch effect

Glitch Image in Grayscale or Color

Use the distorted glitch effect in grayscale or color on your profile picture to help make it stand out. This type of glitch filter makes your images appear wavy, with plenty of cool jagged lines. 

Greyscale glitch effect

Photo Glitch, But Make it 3D

The segmented glitch effect comes with the addition of extra color play. Using this on your glitch profile picture splits the color tones in your image, making it look almost 3D!

3D glitch art effects


Say goodbye to boring pictures on social media! Start using our Glitch Art effects to make your profile pictures stand out!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified