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8 Tips For The Most Drool-Worthy Brunch Pictures

By Karmen Fox | Inspiration

Brunch is a glorified holiday in the U.S. It’s the only time you can wake up late, hang out with your friends, cram two meals into one and call it a day. And if you’re lucky, you get to do it all again on Sunday. To keep the memories of all that tastiness going well past the weekend, try these tips for the best brunch pictures.

1. Avoid the wait.

You’ve got your heart—and your stomach—set on trying the city’s hottest brunch place. But of course they have an obscenely long wait and don’t take reservations. The solution’s simple: Don’t go during peak hours. Instead, show up right when they open around 11am or after the first rush ends at 2pm. No line, no wait. It’s that easy.


Tasty n Sons

2. Find the right lighting.

Restaurants are notorious for their dim lighting, even during brunch hours. For the best pictures, grab a spot by the window for all natural light. But whatever you do, don’t use a flash. There are some things photo editing can fix, but a reflective glare on your eggs benedict's hollandaise isn’t one of them.



3. Go soft.


Food is comforting, especially when it’s the first meal of the day. That’s why you should pick a soft filter or photo effect, like Chromatic or Orton Style, for that dreamy biscuit and chicken sandwich. Anything too harsh will kill the vibe.
Pine State Biscuit

4. Think outside the plate.


Sure, that fluffy waffle topped with whipped cream is what keep your foodie followers double-tapping and drooling. But don’t limit the frame of the picture to the food. Get the coffee mug and industrial chic table in the image while you’re at it too. They’re all part of the experience.


5. Don’t stand up on a chair to take a picture.

Just don’t. You really need me to explain this one? Alright, fine. First, it causes a scene. Second, it’s dangerous (um, you could fall over). And last but not least, it’s just plain rude. Someone will sit on that chair later. That’s what they’re for, not documenting your waffle adventures.


Karmen Fox

Unless your waffle adventures are on the streets of Brussels, in which case, carry on.

6. Ask before snapping.

You shouldn’t automatically assume that your friend will be OK with you snapping a picture while they’re scarfing down their huevos rancheros. Because no one looks good eating food. No one.



And if they do let you take a picture of their food…

7. Don’t make them wait too long.

You’ve heard of hangry right? It’s when you get angry from being hungry. And, yes, it’s a real problem.



You really want to make your friend grouchier just by taking a dozen pictures of the same food? Didn’t think so. Just a couple quick snaps, then dig in.

8. Edit Your Photos Before Sharing Them On An Album! 

You will most likely share one or two snaps during brunch and while you can edit them quickly right on your phone, once you're in front of your computer and you make a Facebook/Flickr album, make sure to edit your photos for a beautiful posterity! (Crop + Fill Light + Sharpening are your best friends!)

Before Brunch2
Brunch Photo Tip2

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