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Tips & Tricks For Better Food Photos When Traveling

By Diana Trinh | Inspiration

I travel a lot—actually, I spent most of my days last month stuck in an airplane for about 24 hours each week! I traveled from Hong Kong back to LA, then from LA to London, and finally, LA to Rome.  Luckily, I got to travel Business class, so the 12 hour long flights weren't too bad. Not only did I get all you can drink cocktails and beer, but also delicious food.


Yup, sometimes I get lucky, empty business class on the way to England! Mimosas, anyone?

One of the advantages of traveling business is that I get that extra space that helps to snap even better photos of my meals.  If you are an InstaFoodie and would like to take photos of your next airplane meals, here are my quick photos tips:

1) DO Take Advantage Of Natural Light 


Delicious breakfast. I loved the olives on that pizza. 

My photos come out best when I use natural lighting. Of course, when you're on an airplane it's difficult to use any light resources, so I avoid taking dinner photos because I know it'll be dark and a challenge to edit these images in the future. If you really want to take a photo though, make sure to use the light from your cellphone and also the light from your seat to help you.

2) Push The Table Away From You And Recline Your Seat Back


Most of the time, I take my food photos standing up—but who wants to stand up in the middle of an airplane? In order to get the best angle make sure to recline your seat back and push the tray as far as you can away from yourself. This makes it easier to take a photo of the whole meal.

3) DO Take Multiple Shots

Salmon Close Up Photo
Business Class Appetizer

I took a up-close shot of the salmon to show how flavorful it looked. The picture I took of my appetizer was taken with my seat pushed back and tray placed further away. Take multiple shots so you can choose the best angle.

More Airplane Food Photos!

Build your own sundae! You can choose from strawberries, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and peanuts. Select flights have "warm cookie service" where flight attendants walk around with warmly baked cookies!

Sundae Bar Delta Airlines

Breakfast, with this photo, need I say more?

Breakfast Airplane Food

Hope you enjoyed the tips and the food photos, now it's time for you to share yours!

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