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Featured User: David Maya

By Derric | Case Studies

David is a creative amateur photographer from Orange County, CA. Since he got laid off several months ago from his job, he's been taking advantage of his talent and creativity to survive this economy by doing photography gigs with all the people he knows. With the help of his website and printing nice brochures about his photography, he's been able to make it.

We really had a hard time to choose from David's creations to put on this page's limited space.

Surfer Connection PopArt

BeFunky: When and how did you get interested in photography?
David: Since I was a little kid... My dad used to have a bunch of different cameras and I always enjoyed going out with him and shoot. It's amazing the kind of pictures a little kid can take...

What kind of photos do you take?
I take all kind of pictures! I am a photographer of LIFE! There's beauty all over the world. There's always an image ready to be captured. The world is full of textures, colors, emotions, smiles, shapes, people, cultures... you name it!

Bird, Animal, Seagull, Beak

What gear do you use?
The "gear" that I use is the best in the world: My eye, creativity and love for photography! You can have the most expensive cameras, lenses and all you want, but if you don't have creativity and an eye for photography... forget it! Just do something else.

Blondies Pop Art
Harbor Cafe Cartoonized

How, specifically, did BeFunky change the way you post process your photos?
BeFunky is a very cool and easy to use tool. I hate using Photoshop because it's so complicated to use with all those "layers" to manage and all kind of complicated stuff.

DebBeliakoff - HolgaArt

What do you like best about BeFunky?
The variety of cool effects that you provide to us. And I combine your BeFunky effects with other effects that I have of my own and my pictures turn out awesome!


What don't you like and wish would change?
I can't think about anything right now but, I can suggest a couple of effects that you might want to add, such as negative picture, mirror effect and just turning pictures in plain colors like Picasa does.

What value does it add to your business/hobby?
Oh! BeFunky adds a great artistic value to my pictures... People loved the way a manage my creations.

Be Yourself

What do your family/friends say about your creations?
They absolutely love them! All my friends and family are my best fans!

Bloody Kiss

To whom would you recommend BeFunky to (if you would)?
Everyone who cares about adding that special touch of creativity to their work.

Dowtown LA - LineArtopia #4

Check out David's website for more: davidmayaphotography.webs.com

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