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Organize Your Fall Photos Into the Perfect Collage with our Collage Wizard

By Melanie Doncas | Inspiration

If the thought of fall upon us makes your heart skip a beat, you’re not alone. With its color palette of red, orange, and yellow foliage, it certainly makes for the most photogenic season and one you won’t want to forget. While 2020 has been a year like no other (and perhaps one we all want to forget), it’s still important to capture the good times with your camera and immortalize these moments. The best way to do this is by creating a photo collage with BeFunky’s Collage Maker layouts, but here’s the good news: There’s an even more automated way to do so.

BeFunky fall collage

BeFunky’s Collage Wizard works like magic to create picture-perfect collages. All you have to do is choose the photos you want to use, then watch the Collage Wizard transform them into perfectly proportioned, high-resolution collages right before your eyes. Here’s how!

How to Use the Collage Wizard

Want to create your own fall inspired collage using the Collage Wizard? Let us walk you through this super-easy, step-by-step process. Trust us, you’ll have the most beautiful collection of fall images in no time!

To start, head to the Collage Maker and navigate to the Image Manager in the left hand menu. If you have your fall photos already located in your Computer’s files, you can simply open them in a separate window and drag and drop them into your Image Manager, as shown.

Search stock images in BeFunky fall collage

Alternatively, while in the Image Manager, you can click Computer and locate the photo files.

If you’d prefer to use stock photos in your fall collage, then you’re in luck. From the Image Manager, you can click Search Stock Images to access the millions of free-to-use, high-quality stock photos BeFunky offers.

Fall images BeFunky collage maker

Once your desired photos have been added to the Image Manager, navigate to Layouts in the main menu on the left, then click Collage Wizard. Before the Collage Wizard can automatically generate your collage, you just need to select the images you wish to include in the collage on the left, then click Use Images.

Use images for your collage BeFunky collage maker

The Collage Wizard will then generate multiple collage layouts for you, based on the images you use. You can navigate through each different layout by clicking on the arrow buttons. Once you decide on which collage layout you like the best, simply click Select this Collage.

You can also use the Create Your Own mode to create custom collage layouts of your own!

Select this fall collage in BeFunky Collage Maker

If you wish to swap any of the images around in your collage, just drag and drop them into their new, preferred cells using your mouse. When resizing the collage, adding images, or resizing collage cells, your images may get clipped or cropped. Don't worry, you can easily adjust your collage settings to see your images in full.

Rearrange fall collage images BeFunky

To resize a cell and make it smaller or larger, click and drag it inwards or outwards. You can also click and drag individual images to reposition them within the cell.

If you wish to change the size of your entire collage, navigate to Customize in the main menu on the left and type in your new, desired dimensions into the Width and Height columns. It’s important that you check the Lock Aspect Ratio box when altering the Width or Height, as you want your collage’s appearance to remain the same (rather than altering the size of the cells).

Resize your fall collage images in BeFunky

In the Customize tab, you can also increase the spacing between each image by using the Spacing slider. Additionally, you can change the background color of your collage by selecting a color swatch above, or by clicking on the first color swatch (with the dropdown arrow in the bottom-right corner) and selecting a new color from the Color Palette.

Customize your collage color palette in BeFunky

Once you’re loving how your fall collage looks, it’s time to save it. Click Save at the top of the screen, then select your desired save location. We also recommend using the Save As Project option, as this will allow you to come back to your collage at a future date should you wish to add or change your images.

Save your fall collage BeFunky

Final Results

Final fall collage BeFunky

Don’t let precious memories go to waste. Turn your favorite fall photos into stunning collages using BeFunky’s Collage Wizard. With its clever automatic features, it’ll have the hard work done within just seconds! 

These Collage Wizard features are exclusively yours with your BeFunky Plus account (among all of our other powerful Plus exclusives!)

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