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Capture the Feeling of Fall in Your Instagram Feed

By Vanessa Poulson | Basic Photo Editing Inspiration Photo Editor Tutorials

As the weather cools, warm tones are heating up all across social media. With the season of abundance, harvest and warmth upon us, your feed deserves to get a sense of the comfort that comes with cooler weather. 

Capture the feeling of fall on your social media feed

Luckily, BeFunky’s Photo Editor is stocked with plenty of exciting editing options to transition your photos and feed from summertime fun to the sweet comfort of fall.

What Makes Fall Unique

Fall is a special season for a multitude of reasons. It marks the start of the holiday season with Halloween and Thanksgiving. It is also a season of transition, from returning to school to the colors of the leaves on the trees. These elements, and more, can be beautiful additions to your photographs in the spirit of the season.

The Colors

It’s no secret that fall colors are spectacular. Seeing the trees transition from green to brilliant shades of red, yellow and orange is a phenomenon like no other. These colors can serve as a perfect inspiration to help your feed look warmer and all the more inviting.

Fall colors

Fall Fashion

Who doesn’t love bundling up in their favorite scarf and jacket? That first chill on your face as the season changes from summer to fall is an inviting sensation to the season like no other. 

Fall fashion

Savor the Flavor of the Season

From pumpkin spice to ordering warm cups of coffee, apple pie and turkey, the flavors of fall are a constant reminder of the season’s togetherness and familiarity. 

Fall flavors

How to Edit Your Fall Photos

Are you ready to get started on the perfect edits for your fall photography? Grab your autumn ready photo and upload it into the Photo Editor to get started. 

Edit photos for fall

Pro Tip: When you’re shooting your photo, try to capture as many fun fall elements as you can in the shot. Whether that’s the autumn foliage, fall fashion or fall foods, starting with a photo that already alludes to the season is a great way to help your feed capture the essence of fall. 

Click on Effects in the left hand menu and scroll down to Warmer. Click on Warmer 1 and adjust on the slider to change the amount of warm tones in your photos to fit your preference. This will help set your photo on the right track to capturing the feeling of the season. Hit the green checkmark to accept the changes once you’re satisfied with the photo.

Edit photos for fall

Next, click on Graphics. Type ‘fall’ in the search bar to explore the numerous fall themed graphics that are within BeFunky’s extensive graphics library. Once you’ve found some graphics that you like, click on each of them and then close out of the window to see them appear in your graphics library.

Edit photos for fall

To add the graphics to your photo, click on them and drag them on to your photo. Once you have them arranged how you like, close out the graphics menu.

Edit photos for fall

Once you’re satisfied with your photo, click Save in the top menu and select a location to save your image.

Edit photos for fall

Final Image

Final Fall Edit
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And there you have it! You can easily embrace the spirit of the season with a couple of quick edits to your photos to help them feel authentically fall!

Are you ready to get creative with your autumn masterpieces? Click the link below!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified