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How to Design the Perfect Facebook Cover for Your Personal Page

Adding style and personality to your social media pages is the perfect way to help your profile stand out! One of the best ways to do that is by creating your own customized Facebook cover image for your personal page. 

Create your own personal Facebook cover photo in BeFunky

Lucky for you, BeFunky makes creating your own Facebook Cover Photo easy with our numerous, pre-sized, original templates! Whatever your style, there’s a template to help capture your personality and flair. 

Facebook Cover Photo Inspiration

There are so many ways to showcase your personality in your cover photos, but we have a few favorite styles.

Photo Quote

Having a stylish photo and quote is a great way to add some personality to your Facebook page. You can pick your favorite quote and pair it with a photo of your choice in the perfect banner to top your page. 

Photo quote Facebook cover in BeFunky

Photo Collage

It can be hard to pick just one photo for your Facebook banner! Not to worry, with a photo collage, you can showcase a collection of your favorite moments in a unique collage. 

Photo collage Facebook cover photo in BeFunky

Bold Colors

Showcase your favorite shades with any of our bold-colored templates that are sure to catch the eye of friends new and old.

Bold colors personal Facebook cover photo BeFunky

Creative and Artistic

Wanna show your creative side? We’ve got customizable templates in interesting geometric shapes and patterns where you can add your own photos, creative work, or shoutout your other social media handles!

Creative personal Facebook cover photo


Sometimes you want to keep things simple, we know that. Our minimalist templates feature a simple photo and optional text, pre-sized perfectly for your Facebook cover so you don’t have to make any adjustments of your own. 

Minimalist Facebook cover photo BeFunky

How to Design a Facebook Cover Photo

Ready to create your own eye-catching Facebook Cover? To get started, head to the Graphic Designer. In the Templates library, navigate to Social Media, followed by Facebook Cover.

Templates library BeFunky personal Facebook page

From here, simply click on a design that takes your fancy, then hit Use This Template to begin.

Select a personal Facebook page template BeFunky

First up, we’re going to swap out the template’s existing image for one representing your own personality or brand. To do this, click on the image you wish to swap, and an Image Properties toolbar appears. Click Replace to open an image from your own files.

Add your images personal Facebook page template BeFunky

Alternatively, if you wish to use a stock image, you can navigate to Image Manager in the main menu to the left, followed by Search Stock Images. This gives you access to BeFunky’s huge library of stunning stock photos, all of which are free for commercial or personal use. Just type your search term into the search bar, then click on the image(s) you’d like to add to your Image Manager for use in your template.

Search stock images BeFunky Facebook page templates

Now that your image is in place, it’s time to edit the existing text to what you want to say on your profile. Feel free to add a quote, or even just your name! 

Customize text BeFunky personal Facebook page cover

You’ll also notice that when you select a text box, a Text Properties toolbar appears. From here, you can change the Font of your text by selecting one from BeFunky’s long list. Alternatively, you can click the ‘+’ icon to upload a font from your own computer’s files or Google Fonts. You can also change the color of your font using a color from the Color Palette.  Enter the HEX Color Code or use the Eyedropper Tool to select a color already present in your template.

Customize your font, color and text BeFunky Facebook personal cover template

It’s time to add some fun graphics! Find the Graphics tab on the left-hand menu and click on Search Graphics. 

Search graphics personal Facebook page template BeFunky

Now you can enter your search terms to find some fun graphics to add to your cover photo. Click and drag the graphics from the left-hand menu on to your image to place them where you’d like to. To change the color of your graphics, enter the HEX Color Code or use the Eyedropper Tool to select a color already present in your template.

Change graphic colors personal Facebook page cover

Once you’ve finished editing your Facebook Cover, it’s time to save it so it’s ready to share with the online world. Click Save at the top of the screen and select your desired save location. 

Save personal Facebook cover BeFunky

Final Results

Final custom Facebook personal cover photo

Designing an eye-catching Facebook Cover is easy with our Graphic Designer! If you’re feeling inspired, get started below!

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