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How To Create Facebook Cover Photos That Drive Engagement

By Rach DePaoli | Advanced Photo Editing Photo Editor Tutorials

Our world is filled with individuals flipping past posts in hyper speed until something catches their eye. No matter if you are a business or an individual, in order to compete in today’s digital world, it is essential to create attractive visual elements. If you engage people visually you just bought yourself some time to show you or your product off.

Why Revamp Your Facebook Cover Photo?

With most of the aesthetic focus aimed towards Instagram feeds, your Facebook may have turned into an aesthetic graveyard in the past few years. Think Facebook is on the decline? Think again. Facebook has more monthly users than WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram - combined, with half of 18-24 year olds checking facebook right when they wake up. This means that the visual elements on your page are prime real estate for building brand recognition.

Take a look at these examples. Which one are you the most attracted to, visually?

Facebook Cover design
Facebook Cover designer

No matter if you create an image or a graphic for your cover photo, the most important thing is to make sure that your cover photo is clean, simple, and in focus.


[su_befunky_protip protiptitle="Quick Tip"]Don’t look at your cover photo as a billboard, look at it as an opportunity to enrich your brand. Keep the style consistent throughout all of your platforms, this builds brand recognition.[/su_befunky_protip]

Cover photos are one of the first visual elements people see when visiting your page. It lets you express yourself in more detail than your default photo (which is usually just your logo or face). Often times, what  prohibits an individual or business from creating eye-catching branding elements is time and money. It can be expensive to outsource and can be a pain to try and learn complicated software just to create a simple graphic. This is where BeFunky’s Facebook Cover Maker comes in handy.

With Facebook constantly changing their layout, finding the right dimensions to create a Facebook cover photo can be a headache in and of itself. Fortunately, with BeFunky’s Photo Editor and Designer, you can create high-level graphics for yourself or your business and get back under someone’s double-tap in no time. It is beginner-friendly and with just a few clicks you can create a strong Facebook cover photo that will help you stand out from the rest.

Facebook Cover Maker by BeFunky

This Facebook cover photo was created with BeFunky’s Photo Editor and Designer. Each of the two platforms present incredible online tools that can be used together or separately to create your Facebook cover photo. 

How To Create Facebook Cover Photos With BeFunky Photo Editor

In the Photo Editor, upload the image you would like to use for your cover photo. Click on the Edit panel and select the Crop tool.

In the Crop dropdown menu, select Facebook Cover and make sure Lock Aspect Ratio is selected. This makes it so that you can include more of your photo in the crop while keeping the exact proportions you need for your cover photo. Drag the corners of the crop to the outermost edge of the left and right side of your photo. Click and drag the box to move it around your image and find the composition you like best. Click the blue checkmark to apply your setting.

After you have your image cropped, you can make it stand out by applying various photo editing effects and settings to it.


Once you’re finished, save your work to your computer and upload it to Facebook. If you’d like to take your design even further, open it in BeFunky’s Designer.

Creating Advanced Facebook Cover Photos With BeFunky’s Designer

You can either use BeFunky’s Designer platform as a starting point for your Facebook Cover design, or upload the image you created with the Photo Editor. Either way, head over the Designer platform and select Templates from the menu on the left sidebar. You’ll find perfectly sized Facebook Cover templates under the Social Media Headers category. Select the layout you’re ready to customize.


Change The Background Photo

To change the background image, click on the original image in the template and select Replace Image in the Image Properties box that appears. Here, you can upload any image stored on your computer (like the one you cropped and edited in the Photo Editor!) and replace the current one.


Alternatively, you can navigate to the Image Manager tab on the left sidebar menu to upload an image from other sources like your BeFunky account, Facebook image library, or you can search Pixabay’s giant library of over one million free stock photos to use! These libraries can be accessed by clicking on the '...' button next to the Computer button in the Image Manager tab. 

Once your photo is uploaded, you can click on any text element in the template and delete it, or change the text to whatever you want. Not digging the original font? Use the Text Properties box that appears when you click on the text to change the font, text color, spacing, and more! Notice that in the fonts library, you can choose from our fonts or access any font that’s stored on your own computer.


Once you find a font you like, duplicate the main text box however many times you’d like (we chose 4). Highlight each of the rows of text and select the fonts that you think pair well together. It doesn’t have to be perfect right now, you can adjust these and perfect them later on.

Add Graphics

To create even more depth, use the Design Elements tab in the left sidebar menu to add shapes and graphics. We think a few geometric graphics will do just the trick.


You’ll notice many different categories for graphics in the Design Elements tab. Once you find one you like, click on it and watch it appear on the template. From here you can resize the graphic by dragging the dots on each of the corners in any direction you want.


Pro Tip: If you want to resize your graphic in freeform mode, hold down the shift key while dragging.

When you click on your graphic in the template, a Graphic Properties box will appear to help you make any changes you want. In our Facebook Cover design, we’ve changed the Color Overlay and the Opacity to make this rectangle more transparent.

If you notice that your graphic sits in front of your text, almost like the text is hiding, you can click on the graphic and select Move Backwards from the Graphic Properties box. This will move the shape behind your text, while keeping it in front of your background image. Continue to click Move Backwards until all of the text is in front of your shape. If you went too far and your square is now behind your background image, click the Move Forwards button or hit Command + Z to undo your moves, one step at a time.


We added another rectangle graphic behind the company name using the same steps as above. This helps to break up the text in our design.


Pro Tip: To turn your graphic the same color as you’ve selected in the spectrum, make sure that the Intensity in the Color Overlay panel is dragged all the way to the right.

Putting On The Finishing Touches

Once the text is complete and is exactly how you like it, we’re going to add one more element to give the design some edge.

Add another square. You’re getting the hang of this now, aren’t you? Choose the color overlay, resize the square, and change the opacity like we did below.


In order to rotate to shape, click the centermost circle on the shape and drag in the direction you want it to go. By creating a bigger shape than the Facebook cover image and rotating it, we created a triangular looking edge in the final piece. Get creative and think outside the box!

Once you are finished, make sure to save your new and improved Facebook cover photo to your computer. Now it’s ready to upload to your page!

We created this look with an image edited in BeFunky’s Photo Editor, two fonts, four text lines, and three rectangles! Pretty simple, huh?

Facebook Cover Maker by BeFunky

Ready to give it a try? With BeFunky’s Facebook Cover Maker it’s so easy to create fresh new designs for your page. Just follow the link below to get started. And feel free to leave a comment below with a link to your newly designed page so we can check it out!

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