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How to Create the Perfect Etsy Banner for Your Shop

By Melanie Doncas | Inspiration

Etsy shops don’t have a traditional storefront like brick-and-mortar stores, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to make a fantastic first impression on your customer.

Your Etsy banner is the first thing a potential customer will lay their eyes on when visiting your digital storefront. That’s why it’s extremely important you use it to capture their attention, create a cohesive brand experience, and offer them a taste of the types of products they can expect.

Creating the perfect Etsy Banner for your shop can be extremely daunting, however, especially if you have no prior graphic design experience. Thankfully, BeFunky’s Etsy Banner Maker is home to a wide range of predesigned shop banners to suit every brand and aesthetic!

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of Etsy Banners on offer, including how they’re suited to a variety of different fields.


Inspiration: The Best Etsy Shop Banners for Your Store

When putting together an Etsy store, two of the most common questions include: What should my Etsy banner be? And how do you make a good Etsy banner?

We cover each of these questions within this section, while also showcasing our favorite Etsy Big Banner templates to suit a wide variety of shops.

Photography Prints

When your brand specializes in high-quality photography prints, you already have a wide range of eye-catching imagery to include within your Etsy banner design. This is what makes the Etsy Banner template below so effective, as it allows you to showcase your top three photos to really capture a consumer’s attention.

While this template uses a black-and-white aesthetic, you can include color in your banner design too if that’s what your brand is all about. For example, your photography prints might be vibrant and colorful, so be sure to include these in all of their glory. If you have a dominant brand color, you can also include this as the background of the banner.

The minimalist nature of this banner design ensures the focus remains on your products. This is particularly true with the inclusion of smaller text, which features both a Sans Serif and Script font for aesthetic balance.

etsy banner photography prints

Wedding Products

There are plenty of Etsy shops specializing in wedding products, so your Etsy Banner serves as a vital piece of your profile to help you stand out within this field. That’s what makes this Etsy Banner template so effective, however, as it cleverly uses color and shape to instantly attract attention.

There’s plenty of space on the left-hand side to include your own logo, which is great for boosting brand awareness and recognition. Then, the three circular images allow for plenty of versatility in your Etsy Banner template. You can mix it up with product imagery and your logo symbol (if you have one), as featured here. Or, you can use the space to include a mixture of customer photos (i.e. how your products were used on their wedding day), a portrait of yourself, or even stock imagery that represents your brand values.

Don’t forget to use color within your Etsy Banner to convey what your shop is all about. This banner template uses soft pinks, orange, and wooden tones to express femininity and a bohemian spirit. However, bold colors could be used to signify an edgier brand, while neutrals might be considered to highlight classic elegance.

etsy banner weddings

Handmade Ceramics or Craft

Some Etsy shops may even opt for a banner design which doesn’t include photography, but instead embraces the whimsical and creative nature of graphics. Take this Etsy Banner design, for example, which includes plenty of fun and colorful graphics to immediately convey what this shop specializes in; quirky ceramic pieces.

If your shop specializes in other products, such as knitting products or handmade jewelry, for example, then you can easily swap out these graphics for something more appropriate using BeFunky’s huge Graphic Library.

Having the shop name front and center also helps to increase brand awareness, while the Decorative font further enhances the playful and handmade nature of this business. There is also accompanying text below to explain what the brand specializes in. However, you might also consider replacing this text with other information, such as your social media handles, website link, or even a current special offer.

etsy banner crafts

Organic Skincare

An Etsy shop specializing in organic products, such as skincare, will want to use their banner design to highlight this niche. That’s what makes this Etsy Banner template so effective, as its use of forest green and white successfully conveys brand values such as earthiness, sustainability, and purity.

The simple leaf graphic further reinforces this message, while the accompanying Sans Serif text is clean, minimal, and unassuming. The large image also allows shop owners to put their best foot forward and showcase a single photo that represents their brand the most. Consider an image featuring your products among nature (just like this example), or even a photograph that represents the lifestyle you are “selling” to your target customers through your products.

etsy banner skincare

Home Decor

There are plenty of Etsy Banners that allow you to use a single, large image to showcase what your shop is all about. This can be particularly helpful for those specializing in home decor, for example, as it allows them to curate a scene featuring many or all of their products—rather than being limited to showcasing just 2-3 single product images.

This Etsy Banner template does this particularly well, and even creates a visual sense of what the store might look like physically, even though its shopfront is online.

The use of lines and shapes also give the shop a modern and innovative vibe, while perfectly framing the main content to draw the viewer’s eye in.

The featured Sans Serif font is simple, yet clean, to avoid clashing with the remaining banner content. You could swap this out for your own brand logo. However, we recommend avoiding too much additional text (such as taglines or URLs) to maintain this balance between a dominant image and complementary text.

etsy banner home decor

Create Your Best Etsy Shop Banner Yet

Thanks to BeFunky’s Etsy Banner Maker, it’s extremely easy to design a professional and on-brand Etsy banner for any type of shop. There’s a wide range of predesigned Etsy Banner templates available—including free ones—to suit any brand identity or product offering you had in mind.

The best part is, you can even resize your Etsy Banner for a wide variety of purposes, whether for social media, an order receipt banner, or more. All it takes is a few clicks of your mouse, and your Etsy shop needs are totally sorted.

Go on, try out the Etsy Banner Maker for yourself today!

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