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10 Of Our Most Epic BeFunky Users

By Peter Latriano | Inspiration

Not to toot our own horn too much or anything, but we just so happen to have some incredibly talented users here at BeFunky. Whether they're masters of using our Photo Editor, ninjas when it comes to our Graphic Designer or champions of our Collage Maker, each of them brings something unique to our delightful BeFunky community.

Below are a couple of my favorite users on the site. Expect to find some members that are really pushing the boundaries of what you can do with BeFunky & creating some really awesome images to boot. I'm feeling inspired just thinking about it.



This BeFunky user understands the power of simplicity. By combining a basic design with a few short, yet powerful words, the image above makes a strong statement that resonates with it's viewers. It also shows off plenty of inspirational picture quotes, too, which are 1) pretty darn easy to make and 2) snazzy.



VintageChic makes strategic use of contrast in order to create truly memorable images. She keeps her pictures in black and white then highlights the focal point with color (something you can easily do with the Paint tool). The result is dramatic and draws your eye exactly where she wants it to go. How very clever indeed.



Many BeFunky users have excellent photography skills (duh). Others are great designers; and yet, Morgan somehow manages to harness the two to create photos that are as simple as they are memorable. The photograph above is already interesting, but once you get into mixed media it becomes that much more engaging.



David Maya is clearly excited about the upcoming Star Wars movie, and we're extra excited that he's showing it by incorporating that theme into his photography. While this image is a great example of how to utilize good composition, its unique application of the Star Wars idea to a bowl of cereal is what ultimately draws in the viewer.



If you are feeling especially artsy, this BeFunky user's got the images that you've been looking for. He takes great photography and applies a variety of Artsy filters to create surreal images—and is pretty damn good at it, too. We'd say this photo looks good enough to belong in a gallery.



FauxFawn's sense of style is like none other. Seriously. If looking at gorgeous, flowy outfits captured in forests, badlands and roadside gas stations makes your heart pound then this is the user for you. She's also got some pretty wicked shoes, too, which is a definite win in our book.



ChiTownGirl17 is one of our favorite foodies on BeFunky. The framing, photo composition and lighting are all done perfectly. Viewers be warned, though: looking at these scintillating pictures just might get your appetite going in a big way.



Vintage clothing is denisebrain's niche. She takes photographs of herself wearing a wide range of vintage outfits, and then funkifies her photographs with BeFunky. The result is a surreal image that walks a fine line between futuristic and retro.



If there's one thing that can make nature look even more beautiful than it already is, it's BeFunky. Mercuryminded understands this, and uses a variety of effects and filters to bring out the natural beauty in each photograph.



Making a great quote involves balancing photography, text and design. It can be a tedious task, but when done right it is just so satisfying. This BeFunky user took all of those elements and made them work together perfectly. Like a sweet, sweet Beatles harmony, it just works better together, somehow.

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