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DIY Prints For Home Decor On A Budget

By Rach DePaoli | Designer Tutorials

If you’ve ever moved into your own house or apartment, you know how expensive it can be. After putting in your deposit, buying your kitchen gadgets, and setting up your new furniture, you sit down only to find yourself looking at the empty walls staring back at you and your empty wallet. Although incorporating wall art into your home decor is a fast track to making your house feel like a home, it often gets put off or neglected because of the price tag.

prints for home decor

Even if the final touches of home decor are over budget, we’ve got the best solution for you. With BeFunky’s new Custom Templates available in the Designer, you can create your very own wall art in any size you want! Whether it’s a poster or a small framed piece, BeFunky has you covered. And the best part is, all it’ll cost you is a picture frame and possibly some fancy paper (if that’s your thing). All you have to worry about is coming up with a creative vision and we’ll help you with the rest - millions of beautiful (free) stock photos, intriguing graphics, all the fonts you could ever need, and the simplicity of BeFunky’s design tools!  

Types Of Prints For Home Decor

Before you begin designing, you have to know which direction you want to head when it comes to your wall art. Determining whether you want to frame a quote, an image, a combination of both, or some other form of art is the starting point of every great print. Take a good look around your room and envision which of these prints would look best. And spoiler alert: you don’t have to stick with just one style of print. They look best when mixed and matched!

Image-Driven Prints

With image-driven prints, the biggest focal point is a beautiful photo. You can choose to incorporate text like quotes or captions, or you can let the image speak for itself. BeFunky offers over a million free stock photos to use in your prints, searchable and uploadable from right within the Designer. If you want to keep things more personal, use one of your own photos that you love!

diy inspirational photo quotes for home decor

Whatever direction you go, BeFunky’s Custom Templates will help you size the print to fit a variety of frame sizes.

Graphic-Driven Prints

If you’re super imaginative with shapes and icons when it comes to print design, a graphic-driven print might be the perfect way to express yourself. BeFunky’s vast library of Graphics will open the door of possibilities wide open. Whether you want to use graphics and colors to create an abstract piece or use shapes to create something more realistic, BeFunky is well equipped to help you make whatever you’re imagining.

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Art Prints

Whether you’ve got a piece of art that you’ve made and want to size it to fit a specific frame, or you want to turn one of your favorite photos into art, BeFunky has some amazing tools for you. One of the simplest ways to create an artistic rendition of a photo is using the Artsy effects in the Photo Editor. With a single click you can turn any photo into a watercolor, oil painting, realistic cartoon, pop art, and more! There’s an entire library of effects to choose from, with the option of layering multiple effects on top of one another.

photo to art effects for home decor

Simply create your art, then import it into the Designer to size it accordingly.

Text-Driven Prints

Hanging quotes on the wall goes back decades, even before cross-stitching was hung on the walls of colonial homes. This is one of the easiest ways to get some creative prints up on those blank walls of yours. All you have to do is find your favorite quote and get creative with text placement and decorative ornaments.

how to make diy home decor in BeFunky

Whether you want to create one style or all of the styles described above, BeFunky’s Designer can help you turn those ideas into reality. We’ll show you how!

How To Make DIY Prints In BeFunky

Before you get started, figure out what style and size you would like your artwork to be. This could depend on a frame size that the print will end up in, or the size of the space on the wall you’re trying to fill. With your ideas in mind, head to BeFunky’s Designer and select the big green button titled Custom Template at the top of the Templates tab in the menu on the left.

blank design templates in BeFunky Designer

In the Custom Template menu, you can either choose from the Aspect Ratio dropdown of pre-made sizes, or customize the size of the template by entering your own dimensions into the Width and Height boxes. The dimensions you enter need to be in Pixels, so if you’re having a hard time converting inches to pixels, a handy chart can be found here. As a simple guideline, 1 inch equals 300 pixels in BeFunky. That means all you have to do is multiply the amount of inches by 300 to get your inches to pixels ratio.

how to create a custom design template in BeFunky

When you’ve got your template sized just right, it’ll look like a blank canvas. To spice things up a bit, you can either navigate to the Customize tab and change the background color, or add a photo over the top of the template. To add a photo background, click on the Images/Layers tab. Here, you can click on the Computer button to upload an image from your own files, or click the ‘...’ button next to Computer and search over a million free stock photos from Pixabay and Pexels. Adding an image from the search query is as simple as clicking on the ones you love, and they will automatically be added as thumbnails for you to click and drag into your template.

how to design a photo print in BeFunky

Once your image has been added to your template, use the blue circles around it to resize. If you want to make some photo edits before continuing to design, like adding an Artsy effect or filter, use the Image Properties toolbar to select Open Image in Editor. This will redirect you to the vast library of effects available in our Photo Editor, and you can edit away without losing your place in the design process. When you’re finished editing the photo, click on the Back To Designer icon in the upper left corner and you’ll be back to the Designer in seconds with your edits in tow.

photo to art effects in BeFunky

If you want to add text or graphics over an image that is a bit busy in the background, you can easily add a graphic overlay to make your design focal points stand out. To do so, click on the Design Elements tab (the heart icon), select the Shapes category, and add the Square shape by clicking on it. Adjust the size of the square by clicking and dragging the blue circles around the edges so that it covers your entire image. Using the Graphic Properties menu that appears, you can choose a color for the shape overlay, decrease the Opacity and add a Blend Mode so that the photo beneath shines through, yet doesn’t detract from the text you’re about to add.

how to add an overlay to photo in BeFunky

There are two ways you can add text to your print. The first way is to click on the Text tab in the menu on the left, then click the Add Text button. You’ll be presented with a text box that you can click and type to customize, then use the Text Properties toolbar to change the Font, Spacing, Color, and more.

how to add text to photo in BeFunky

The second way is to add some text-driven graphics from the Design Elements tab. Within certain categories, you’ll find pre-designed text phrases that are already styled and ready for you to add to your print in a single click. This ‘Endless Love’ graphic can be found in the Wedding category, but we thought it was fitting for an art print. Feel free to think outside the box to find something that fits your style!

free text graphics in BeFunky

You can resize and reposition your text graphic by clicking and dragging the blue circles around the edges, then use the Graphic Properties menu to add a Color Overlay, adjust the Opacity, add a Blend Mode, and more!

Once you have your final piece, it is time to print it, choose a frame, and hang it up! You can use the Save button at the top of the Designer to save the file to your computer and print it directly from there. Keep in mind that when printing art, it’s best to choose a heavier weight of paper than printer paper, but if printer paper is all you have, it will be more than enough to get the job done.

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Creating your own prints gives you full creative control over your home decor. When you go the DIY route, your art will be more personal and reflective of who you are, plus you’ll save a pretty penny. We’re cheering you on as you make your house a home!

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