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Dog Photography: How to Capture and Edit Photos of Your Furry Friend With a Smartphone

By Christina | Inspiration

Taking our furry friends can be a welcome challenge! One that will reward you with plenty of kisses and nose nuzzles. Like cats, dogs are truly a great subject to photograph, as they don’t hold back or get self-conscious. They let it all hang out: their personality, love, and yes, sometimes their tongues as well. 

However, dogs can also be unpredictable, which can make them difficult subjects at times. Still, with a little bit of practice, some know-how, and pockets full of treats, you can capture these unpredictably lovable pals.

From photography tips to editing tricks using our mobile app, here’s a look at how you can create some amazing shots of your furry friends on your phone.

6 Tips for Photographing Your Dog

Capturing amazing images of your dog starts by knowing how to work with your dog and your phone to draw the best out of your pup. 

1. Choose the Right Location

First up, choose a suitable location. If you have a pup that excites easily, you’ll want to try to find a location that they are comfortable and familiar with, that way they won’t be distracted by all the new sights and smells. If you’re capturing portraits, consider looking for a place with a simple background that won’t be too busy or distracting from your dog, or to your dog, for that matter. If you’re hoping to capture action shots of your dog having fun in their environment, then consider a favorite location: the lake, the beach, or even the park. Sometimes the best place may be your own backyard, where your pup is most comfortable and free to be herself. 

take dog photos

2. Consider the Composition

Focus on your composition to create some powerful shots. Consider the rule of thirds, which involves placing your subject off to the side of your composition for a more dynamic image. Or, place your subject dead center for a bold image where they’re the main focal point. Pay attention to your angles as well. Get down low, on your dog’s level, to include some foreground. Introducing some foreground, like grass, leaves, or stones, can help you to set the stage for your composition.

3. Find Your Focal Point

Knowing where to focus can help improve your images. For instance, focusing on the eyes can help draw out the emotion of your dog shots. Really capture those ‘puppy dog eyes.’ Tap your screen where your dog’s eyes are to focus there. If you are having a hard time focusing on their eyes, consider broadening your focal point to their face instead.

focal point mobile pets

4. Get Their Attention

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of dog photography is getting their attention without getting the whole dog in your lap. A great way to your dog’s attention is by bringing out a squeaker toy or a treat. In most cases, dogs will look straight at the treat (and hopefully not come bounding towards you!) You can also get some fun shots by gently tossing the treat at your dog and capturing them mid-lunge. Another idea could be to simply say a word they know very well such as “Walk” or “Squirrel.” Just be prepared for the energy that might follow. 

5. Keep It Fun

Remember, dogs can sense when you are stressed. Keep it fun for both of you and offer lots of praise and treats. If they won’t sit still for long then consider taking them for a walk or run, or lean into their energy and capture some action shots.

6. Use a Fast Shutter Speed

Dogs don’t quite grasp the concept of sitting still and smiling pretty for a camera. They will be looking around, excited and most likely hyper. Most dogs love attention so when all attention is on them, it can be difficult for them to contain themselves. Using a fast shutter speed will enable you to capture them and their personality without the blur. 

shutter speed pet photography

On most phones, you can adjust the shutter speed by switching to manual mode. You can also try shooting in burst mode which will take numerous shots as long as you are holding down the shutter. 

Our Best Tools For Editing Your Dog Photography

When it is all said and done, even the best pictures can stand to use some editing. Editing allows you to take images from great, to exceptional.

The BeFunky app is an easy-to-use tool that makes editing your dog photos a breeze. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll gain access to a range of tools and features that can help you enhance your images.

The Crop Tool

Cropping can be a great way to tighten up your image and bring the main focal point back onto your subject.

crop pet photo

The BeFunky Photo Editor makes cropping easy. Go to the Edit tab in the BeFunky app, click the Edit button, and then select Crop from the list of options. Select whether you’d like Freeform or one of the preset options, and adjust the grid. Don’t forget to click the checkmark to save your work.

The Background Remover

Another cool feature of BeFunky is the Background Remover tool. If you are really hoping to put emphasis on your subject and perhaps trying to draw attention solely to their eyes, then you might consider removing the background and applying a color to help it pop, or using a fun background to match your dogs' energy.

replace pet background

To use this tool, use the BeFunky App, simply navigate to the Edit tab, then select Background Remover under Remove/Replace. Then select the Change Background option, and choose an image to insert. It’s that easy.

Photo Effects

Consider applying an effect to give your final image a different feel. BeFunky's Photo Editor has many beautiful photo effects and filters to choose from. The black-and-white filter can be a great way to make your pet look striking. Or, you can use an Artsy effect for a portrait with more flair.

apply pet artsy effects

Capture and Edit Amazing Photos of Dogs With Your Phone!

So there you have it! A few tips and tricks for capturing amazing images of dogs on your phone. Whether you are taking photos of your own furry friend or have a photoshoot planned for another furry ball of energy, photographing dogs can be a rewarding experience, as long as you have the right tools on your side. Download the BeFunky mobile app today to get started.

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