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Tips for Editing Your Caturday Photos

By Nikki | Inspiration

The Internet loves cats, and we at BeFunky are no different. We love cats so much that every Saturday (or Caturday as we fondly refer to it) we feature one of our users’ BeFunky-edited photos of their furry friends. As a cat owner, I have (at least) hundreds of pictures of my cats, and I love using BeFunky to show them off pretty much anywhere I can. Speaking from experience, it is very exciting to have one of your pictures featured by BeFunky on Caturday, so I’m going to provide you with some tips on creating the perfect Caturday photo with BeFunky Photo Editor that may help you and your kitty become BeFunky’s featured Caturday post of the week!

Get Your Cat to Cooperate

This is my cat Bea. The good thing about Bea is that she’s a bit of a ham and will pose for a picture exceptionally well, especially if treats are involved. An important thing to remember when trying to capture the perfect shot of your cat is that sunlight is your friend. You want to make sure that the sun is shining in the right spot, and at the right intensity, to highlight all of your furry friend’s best features. A good rule of thumb to consider with any picture is to utilize the “golden hour,” which happens a both sunrise and sunset. This allows the perfect amount of natural light onto your subject.


Utilize the Editing Tools to Make Your Photo Pop

Befunky’s editing tools are great for highlighting the colors in your photo and really making your cat stand out. First, I go with beautify to liven up the colors. I apply it at around 50%. Next, I go to sharpen to give the photo some definition, which I also apply at 50%.

bea step 3
bea step 4

Then, I got to Exposure, and I adjust Fill Light to 30%, Shadows to 30%, and Highlights to 30%

bea step 5

These adjustments give the photo some depth and brighten it up some.

Find the Right Effect to Showcase Your Cat

Of course, there are many Effects to choose from on BeFunky’s Photo Editor, but I want to go with something simple and cool, so I choose the Chromatic 2 filter at about 50%.

bea step 8

This filter brings out the color in my cat’s eyes and shifts the focus from the background to her.

Add Texture

The texture tool is one of my favorites because it really makes your photos stand out. For my Caturday picture, I go to Textures, Light Leaks, choose Light Leaks 5, and apply it at 50%.

bea step 10

This tool adds some nice color to the photo and softens it to give it that dreamy feel.

Final Touches

Although I like the edits I’ve done so far, I feel like it’s not quite Feature-Worthy yet. So, I go back into Effects and apply Chromatic 2 again at 50% to enhance the texture I’ve added and give a little more oomph to my Caturday photo.

bea step 11

Getting Featured

After I’m happy with my edits, I save my photo to my computer first, so I am able to post it where ever I like (and show all my friends), and then I save it to my BeFunky album with the hashtags Caturday and BeFunky.

Bea step 12
bea step 13

If you’re hoping to get your edited picture of your adorable cat featured, hashtags are integral in getting noticed, so make sure to use them accordingly when posting your pictures.

Good luck, and Happy Caturday! :3

bea final edit
Aww, Bea

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Photo Editing. Simplified