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Turn Your Favorite Quotes Into Inspiring Works Of Art

By Whitney | Inspiration

There’s a quote I found on Pinterest that I loved so much, I wrote it down on a Post-it note and stuck it to my work desk. Every day, in my scrawled handwriting, it reminds me what’s important and inspires me to focus. Today though, I realized that this is far too good of a quote to be confined to a sticky note. It needs to look like what it means. Lucky for me, I was able to turn the inspiration way up with the BeFunky Designer - all in about five minutes! It was as easy as drag, drop, and type.

Here’s a little before and after to show you how I worked it. On the top is the pre-made template, on the bottom is my finished project.


Step 1: Find A Photo That Inspires You

Once you’re in the Designer, you can browse Pixabay’s 400,000+ free stock images by clicking on the icon in the Image Manager tab. I typed in the word “cliffs” and selected this awe-inspiring photo for my background, then drag-and-dropped it into the background of the pre-made template I chose.


Step 2: Make Some Edits

By clicking on the photo, you can crop and/or edit the photo to your heart’s desire. Just click on the appropriate buttons. I chose to crop the image and beautify it a bit to bring out the colors.


Step 3: Change Up The Text

I got rid of the border surrounding the pre-loaded text. By clicking on each word, I was able to change fonts, colors, and sizing. I added a few words by clicking on the text boxes and clicking the duplicate button, then changing the font and text. Then dragged the words around a bit until I liked the layout.


I used the color picker to keep the coloring uniform.


Step 4: Add Some Graphics

Once I got my text relatively laid out, I decided to add some graphics to break up the text. Some lines...


And an arrow for good measure. Again, I used the color picker to keep things uniform.


Step 5: Share It!


Voila! Now that I’ve amped up the inspiration for my quote, I’m going to share it with the world on my Facebook page. I also printed out a copy to be framed for my work desk. So long, Post-it note.

Want to turn your favorite quote into a work of art? Get creative right here:

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