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Custom Holiday Gift Tags You Can DIY

By Melanie Doncas | Designer Tutorials

If you’re ahead of the holiday game, you would’ve already started buying gifts for your friends and family. And if you’re super organized, you’ll also have your tree set up to place them underneath (in which case, high-five!). With the season of giving literally just a few weeks away, now is the perfect time to turn your attention to not just what you’ll buy for your loved ones, but how you’ll present them too (no pun intended).

holiday gift wrapping inspiration

If you love to see your friends and family’s faces light up when they receive a beautifully wrapped gift, then you’ll certainly want to put some extra thought into this area. After all, it’s hard to get overly-excited about a gift that is wrapped in such a lack-lustre and uncreative way – no matter what’s inside. The way your wrapped gift looks sets the pretense of what is to follow, so you want to make sure your loved ones know they’re in for something special!

That’s why we’ll be focusing our attention on gift tags today, along with how you can create your very own eye-catching holiday gift tags using BeFunky’s DesignerYour stress-free festive season starts now!

How To Design Your Holiday Gift Tags 

To begin creating your very own gift tags, simply navigate to BeFunky’s Designer. Once you’re there, click on the Custom Template button at the top of the Templates tab on the left. This button will allow you to create a blank template that’s perfectly sized for gift tags.

how to create a custom design template in BeFunky

In the Custom Template menu that appears, type the pixel sizes into the corresponding Width and Height boxes, or click the dropdown menu beneath Aspect Ratio to select pre-sized templates. We’ve gone with a 3.5 x 2 inch size, which equates to 1050 pixels by 600 pixels. You can use the arrows button between the height and width boxes to swap these numbers and create a portrait orientation gift tag design (which we have!) or keep the sizing the same and design a landscape oriented design. When you’re finished sizing your custom template, click the Create button to load it into the design canvas.  

how to design a custom template in BeFunky

With your custom gift tag template sized just right, it’s time to start designing! To change the background color, click on the Customize tab in the main menu on the left to select a new background color. Clicking on the first tile in the Customize tab will let you choose any color in the rainbow (and then some!) for your background. Alternatively, you can click on any of the other colored tiles to use the preset colors, click the Image Manager tab to upload an image to use as your background, or search over a million free stock photos to incorporate into your design by clicking the Search Stock Images button in the Image Manager tab.

how to design DIY holiday gift tags

Next, it’s time to add text to your gift tag. Click the Text tab in the main menu on the left and then select the Add Text button to start typing your message. Use the Text Properties toolbar that appears to change the color of your text, choose from a huge library of fonts, adjust the blend mode, and more! If you’ve got a custom font you’d like to use that’s stored on your Computer, you can feel free to upload it into the Text Properties toolbar (here’s a guide to adding your own fonts) and design away.

DIY holiday gift tags tutorial

If you’d like to add customizable graphics to your gift tag design, we’ve got great news for you: there are tons of holiday graphics available! Just click the Design Elements tab in the menu on the left (the heart icon) and select the Search Graphics button. Then, type any keywords into the search bar (we’ve searched “Christmas”) and click on any of the graphics you’d like to use. They’ll automatically be added to the Design Elements tab for you to begin using.

free customizable vector graphics in BeFunky

To add a graphic to your template, click and drag the thumbnail onto the canvas. Whenever you have a graphic selected, you’ll be able to use the Graphic Properties toolbar to adjust the color overlay, blend mode, and more!

customizable vector icons in BeFunky

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip: Want your graphic to be the same color as another element on your template? Use the Eyedropper tool in the Color Picker menu to select any hue!

If you want to create a pattern with your graphics like we have with the snowflake designs, you can either use the Duplicate icon in the Graphic Properties menu, or press the “D” button on your keyboard when your graphic is selected. This way, you can make multiple copies of a graphic and keep all of the properties (like color and sizing) the same.

how to create a pattern with vector graphics

When you’re finished with your design, click the Save button at the top of the Designer to save your gift tag to your Computer. You can also select the Save As Project option to save your gift tag design in editable format! That means you can reuse your custom template to create other gift tag designs, or come back and edit the current design at a later date.

how to design holiday gift tags in BeFunky

From here, you can print your gift tags one by one, but since that can get tedious and waste a lot of paper, read on to see how you can create your very own sheet of Holiday gift cards.

How To Arrange Gift Tags For Printing

Whether you have multiple gift tag designs to print or you just want to print the same one over and over, the Collage Maker can help you arrange your gift tags onto a sheet for printing! To get started, head to BeFunky’s Collage Maker and click on the Grid category from the Layouts tab on the left. Select a grid layout with the same amount of cells as the amount of gift tag designs you have.

online collage maker by BeFunky

Next, click on the Image Manager tab at the top of the menu on the left. You can either click the Computer button to upload your design files or drag-and-drop the files directly into the collage cells. Your designs will appear as thumbnails within the Image Manager for you to use over and over again.

how to print diy gift tags

To add more cells to your collage, drag one of your gift tag design thumbnails from the Image Manager and hover it over the bottom edge of any other cell in your collage until a dashed line appears, then drop it in to create a new cell. Repeat this process until you have all the cells you want, then click on the Customize tab in the menu on the left to perfectly size the collage. Since we know our gift tag designs are 600 x 1050 pixels, we did the math to increase the size of the collage as a whole (600 x 4 cells = 2400 pixels for the width, and 1050 x 2 cells = 2100 for the height). You can also use the Customize tab to increase or decrease the Spacing slider to create more or less space between your cells.

how to print a sheet of holiday gift tags

When you’ve got the perfect layout and it’s sized just right, click the Save button at the top of the Collage Maker to save your gift tag sheet. From here, you can print the image file from your Computer right at home! We recommend printing on cardstock to keep things extra fancy.

Next Steps

Now that your gifts are bought and your tags are printed, all that’s left to do is assemble and wrap them (a.k.a the fun part!). Simply cut out each gift tag, write in the To and From fields, and incorporate them into your beautiful Holiday gift wrapping session!

DIY holiday gift tags for presents

Ready to get started creating your own gift tags? We bet you are! Click the link below to design your very own custom gift tags and have yourself a merry little Christmas.

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