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5 DIY Photo Backdrops For New Year’s Eve!

By BeFunky | Effects Showcase Inspiration

We've compiled a list of 5 awesome DIY backdrops for your New Year's Eve party. So, dust off that sequin dress, pick out your best bow-tie, and start pouring up bowls of champagne punch - Because, it's time to party!

1. Wax Paper Backdrop

DIY backdrop tutorial, new years

Wax Paper Backdrop Tutorial

Tip: If you're low on time, instead of creating the cones yourself you could purchase snow-cone cups and cut off the rim.

2. Festive Sequin Background


Festive Sequin Background

Tip: Have some props on hand to add some flair to your photos. Prop ideas: hats, sunglasses, mustaches, wigs, boas, and etc.

3. Fun Crepe Streamers


Fun Crepe Streamers Tutorial

An incredibly inexpensive and fast backdrop. Tip: this is the perfect back drop if you're tight on budget!

4. Hip Geometric Box Background


Geometric Box Background Tutorial

This one is laborious but, if you have the time and money, your guests will be stunned!
Money Saving Tip:  Nix the boxes and make various hexagons out of cardboard instead.

5. Super Easy Tissue Paper Background


Tissue Paper Background Tutorial

This one's super easy and the outcome is so playful and fun.
Creative Tip: Use different colored tissues to achieve an ombre look or perhaps a rainbow.

If you don't have any party props on hand when snapping shots from your phone, quickly add some New Year's love from the Goodies > Holidays on your BeFunky App!

Cheers to a New Year and to all the new memories that will be created!

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