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NEW: Customize Your Design Template Sizes

By Whitney DePaoli | Designer TutorialsWhat’s New

In BeFunky’s Graphic Designer, we’ve always had a vast library of perfectly sized design templates for everything from social media posts and headers to wedding invitations, greeting cards, and everything in between. Never before has there been an option for creating a custom design template size. Until now, that is!

Introducing the new Custom Template option in our Graphic Designer. With it, you can enter your height and width specifications and select a variety of Aspect Ratios to get whatever size you need! Now you can truly design the way you want and never stress about having to resize your designs after creating them.

When To Create Custom Design Template Sizes

Like we said before, our Designer features tons of pre-designed templates that are perfectly sized for a variety of design needs, but the new Custom Template option will help you design on any size template we don’t currently offer. On certain occasions, you’ll need a smaller canvas to design logos or buttons for your blog, or a larger canvas to fit a printable design into an oddly-shaped frame for interior decorating. Here are a few scenarios where the Custom Template button is going to be your new best friend:

Designing Custom YouTube Thumbnails

Prior to the Custom Template button, designing a custom YouTube thumbnail could only be accomplished in our Photo Editor by cropping photos and resizing them to the right proportion. YouTube thumbnails are 1280x720 pixels, and they can now be created in our Designer by entering those specifications into the Custom Template menu.

custom youtube thumbnail maker

Add a still image from your video, some descriptive text, and you’re on your way to YouTube stardom!

Creating Perfectly Sized Printables

In the Blank Templates section of our Designer, you’ll already find quite a few sizes to meet your printable needs, whether you’re designing an event invitation or an inspirational quote for your home decor. But what happens if the template size is just shy of what you want? Now you can use the Custom Templates menu to create any shape and size for what you’re wanting to design.

make your own prints in BeFunky

Use them for any personal project or add some new designs to your Etsy shop. It’s that easy now!

Get Your Blog Looking Sharp

Whether it’s time to revamp your blog or you’re just starting out, you can use the Custom Templates to create buttons and other graphics that will help your blog stand out. Just find the specifications of your blog theme, type them into the Custom Templates menu, and create all the blog assets you need.

how to creat blog graphics in BeFunky

You can even turn your custom template into a transparent canvas, so it’s never been easier to create blog graphics that fit seamlessly with your site.

DIY Logo Design

If you’re starting a new business venture, you know that the logo is everything as far as branding is concerned. It sets the tone of your whole business! With Custom Templates, it’s easier than ever to create your very own, ultra-professional logo in a variety of sizes. Just enter your specifications into the Custom Templates menu, give it a transparent background, and design away!

how to put logo on a photo in BeFunky

There are plenty of other reasons to need a Custom Template, and whenever those needs arise you know where to find them! Now we’ve got all your design needs covered.

How To Create A Perfectly Sized Custom Template

When you’ve got your template size in mind, head to BeFunky’s Designer. At the top of the Templates tab, you’ll see a new button labeled Custom Templates. Click on it to reveal the new menu.

customizable design template sizes in BeFunky

You can select a variety of Aspect Ratios from the dropdown menu to let you pre-select a size or orientation. If you’re not finding the perfect size in the dropdown menu, fear not! Just enter your specifications into the boxes labeled Width and Height, then press the Create button. Your perfectly sized template will appear right before your eyes.

how to make your own design template

From here, you can add photos using the Image Manager/Layers tab or click the Customize tab to change the background color. By clicking on the first tile beneath Background Color in the Customize tab, you can choose any hue you want, or make the entire template transparent by selecting the transparent button.

how to create your own print for home decor

Next, create your design. You can use the Design Elements tab to search hundreds of fully customizable graphics to use in your design. When you find one you love, click on it to add it right to the template. From there, you can adjust the size and position of the graphic by clicking and dragging the blue circles around it, then use the Graphic Properties menu to change the Color Overlay, Blend Mode, Opacity, and more! Repeat for any additional graphics you want to add.

how to design your own print

If you'd like to add text to your template, click on the Text tab followed by the Add Text button. You can use in any font you desire, even fonts stored on your computer. You’ll find a variety of options for Color, Spacing, and more within the Text Properties menu, plus you can resize and rotate the text boxes using the blue circles around them. 

diy printables for home decor

When you’re finished, you can click the Save dropdown at the top of the Designer to store your design on your Computer, BeFunky account, and more. To keep your custom template in reusable form, click the Save As Project button. By saving your template as a project, you can reopen it as many times as you want, making it super easy to keep working on a design at a later date, or for using as a template for future design projects! Store your projects right in BeFunky or to your Computer as a .BFD file (editable format) and reload it whenever you want.

how to make diy home decor in BeFunky

With the new Custom Template maker, you’ve got all your design needs covered. We’re excited to see how these custom design templates help step up your graphic design game!

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