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12 Faces Of The ‘Italian Carnevale’

By Lisa Shalom | Inspiration

February is lovingly referred to in Italy as the "Month of the Carnivals", a religious festival taking place before Lent.  Nearly every city participates in their own way competing with themselves, trying to make this year even more elaborate than the last.

Venice is known for ornate masks, Rome has Renaissance reenactments, and Misterbianco (a small town in Sicily), is known for its costumes, which take a whole YEAR to create.  Children dress up and toss confetti at each other for days on end.  Street vendors make a killing, having setup just before Christmas, they remain throughout the month of February selling toys, candy, and other homemade treats. I didn't make it to Venice this year, but I was able to capture some of the magic in Misterbianco and Rome.

1. "The Lost Sheep" - Misterbianco, Sicily

2. "Peacocking" - Misterbianco, Sicily

_MG_2967 [1600x1200]

3. "Salsa Dancing" - Misterbianco, Sicily

4. "Waiting With a Balloon" - Misterbianco, Sicily

5. "Red and Black Fetish" - Misterbianco, Sicily

6. "Gold and Coins" - Misterbianco, Sicily

7. "Smoking Break" - Misterbianco, Sicily

8. "Stopping for Candy" - Misterbianco, Sicily

_MG_3205 [1600x1200]

9. "Hooping For Rome" - Rome

10. "Material Girl" - Catania, Sicily (Parenting WIN, by the way)

_MG_2793 [1600x1200]

11. "Bubble Boy" - Rome

_MG_3333 [1600x1200]

12. "Confetti Toss" - Rome

If you're looking for a good time to go to Italy, February it is!  If you plan your trip right, and are willing to travel a bit, you can definitely see all the events in each city.  If you forget your costumes and confetti, don't worry, you will be provided upon arrival.

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