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How To Capture Your Paris Adventure

By Lisa Shalom | Effects Showcase Inspiration

Photographing your vacation is a MUST to capture memorable moments. I'll give you a few ideas and hints to help you avoid the 'cliché photo' that every other tourist nearby is taking. And there's no better city than Paris, to show as an example!

Almost everyone has seen The Eiffel Tower, whether up close in person or in photos.  Some even know what it looks like from every single angle.  But, how does it look like through a cell phone camera?  I like to call this “photography inception”.

Eiffel Tower Paris

The next stop on your Tour de Paris will, without a doubt, be The Louvre. You could easily spend your entire trip here, viewing masterpieces, including the building itself.
Avoid: the same mistakes everyone else makes by standing next to a piece of art and snapping a basic, dull shot.
Sure, those photos are great for your vacation arsenal, but do they possess any alluring qualities to your audience?
Try This: Stand back and shoot from afar.  Don’t just capture the work of art, capture the crowds and the ambiance as well.

The Louvre - Paris

If you feel a bit like shopping, head over to the Galeries Lafayette, a mesmerizing shopping center and one of the most gorgeous architectural creations in Paris.
Do A Little Research: don’t forget to look up or you’ll miss the exquisite, 100 year old glass dome ceiling.

Galeries Lafayette - Paris

Go Off The Path: Before you leave Galeries Lafayette, trek up to the roof, which is accessible to shoppers.  There you will get a good glimpse of the city skyline, and yet, another shot of the Eiffel Tower.

City Skyline - Paris
Blue Passage - Paris

Never Leave Your Camera Behind. After a long day of wandering the streets of Paris, you might want to relax at the theater. You could easily leave your camera at the hotel, but why?  Even the theater can offer an exotic and unusual experience. Like this theater, for example. It contained an entire hallway of flashy, neon lights. The perfect photo op!
Think about these tips the next time you’re on vacation, or even going for a quick roam around your own city.

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