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Introduce Your New Addition With Customizable Birth Announcement Templates

By Sarah Foster | Designer Tutorials

When a new life comes into your family, it is so exciting to share that with everyone you know. You could already be planning a meet-and-greet for your little one – however, it is still a great idea to send out a baby announcement card that loved ones near and far can hold dear. 

You may have a few extra things on your plate, (like a brand-new baby!) and need help figuring out where to start with creating a birth announcement card that feels as special as your baby. Luckily BeFunky has a free birth announcement template that can be customized to fit all your needs, there is also a large selection of birth announcement templates with a BeFunky Plus account! The Graphic Designer has everything you need to make the perfect announcement for your newest family member. 

How to Customize Your Birth Announcement Template

After you have had newborn photos taken, or if you have taken them yourself, it is time to start your personalized birth announcement cards. Head over to the Graphic Designer and search “Birth Announcement” to get started in selecting the template that fits your needs. The first template is one that you can fully customize for free! 

birth announcement templates

Step 1: Personalize the Text

You want to make sure that you include the essentials when it comes to the text – the new arrivals name, date of birth, time of birth, weight, and length are the stats to include. You can edit them by clicking on the text box, and typing what you want it to say. When you click on a text box, the Text Properties menu will pop up on the right side of the interface. Here you are able to adjust the text color, and font style. 

birth announcement text edit

Step 2: Add an Image of Your Baby

With the new photos of your baby in hand, be sure to add one to your announcement so that everyone can see how adorable they are! Click on the Image Manager, you can either drag and drop your image into the image manager from your computer, or you can upload it from your computer by using the Computer button. After your image is uploaded, you can drag and drop it into your canvas! 

birth announcement images

Click on your image to bring up the Image Properties menu, where you are able to edit your photo or adjust the size of it with the blue dots in the corners of your image. If you think a different background color would match your image better, head over to the Customization tab. It is the slider icon underneath the image manager. Click on the color swatch in the top left to select a custom color from the Color Picker or choose from our presets. And if you find a color you particularly like, be sure to add it to your color Library

birth announcement properties

Step 3: Add or Replace Graphics

You could always leave the graphic as it is, but if you want to change it to be more personalized, you can too! Under the Graphics tab, search our expansive graphics library to find one that you prefer for your announcement. Click the Search Graphics box and type in what type of graphic you are looking for. 

birth announcement graphics

When you click on a graphic you like, it will be added to your graphics library, where you are able to drag and drop it into your canvas. When you click on the graphic that is on your canvas, the graphics Properties menu will appear where you are able to make changes to the color. To make changes to its size, you can use the little blue dots to make it larger or smaller. 

birth announcement graphics

Step 4: Save Your Birth Announcement 

Once you are happy with the content announcing your new little one, click the save button at the top of your interface. If you plan on printing them, we recommend saving them as a PDF. If you are getting a head start on designing your announcement and your baby hasn’t been yet, save your project to BeFunky or your computer so that you can resume your design as soon as your baby is born. 

birth announcement save

Get Inspired Before Creating Your Own

Now that you know how to customize your own birth announcements, here is some inspiration for you! Here are three favorite types of birth announcement cards you can make using the Graphic Designer

Photo as the Background

Make your baby the center of attention and use a large photo of them as the background! You can use different graphics to highlight those newborn stats for a creative spin. Use the Eye Dropper Tool to choose your font and graphic color based on the colors in your image. 

background birth announcement

Go Modern

Make your baby’s name big and bold, and have it start on the image for a more modern announcement look. Pairing this style with a slim font is sure to have a modern feel that allows your baby’s name to be highlighted. 

modern birth announcement

Photo Collage

When one photo isn’t enough, go for a birth announcement with a photo collage! Share your favorite photos of your newest addition in a sleek and stylish announcement that allows their cuteness to be the highlight of your card. 

collage birth announcement

Get Started Personalizing Your Own Birth Announcement

Try your hand at creating an announcement that is as special as your new baby boy or baby girl. You could start designing while you are waiting for your baby to make their appearance. If you have waited until your baby has made its way earthside, BeFunky’s Graphic Designer has made it as easy as you need it to be! In just a few clicks you can fully customize a birth announcement template for free, or you can create your own from scratch with our inspiration! Get started today! 

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