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Because Life Needs All The Colors, Meet The New Color Picker

By BeFunky | What’s New

Could you picture your life without color? Neither could we!  There shouldn't be a limit to the spectrum of colors your eyes can enjoy, so now that we've updated the world's best Photo Editor, we also created a Color Picker that would go in hand to improve your  photo editing experience.

Enjoy limitless amount of colors for your Text, Graphics, Overlays, and to all other Edits you wish to add to your photos. With the new Color Picker you'll be able to:

Go Beyond The Fundamental Colors...

The Color Wheel

Color Picker Overview 3

You can manipulate your colors on two different views by pressing on the wheel of colors in gradients and squares.

The Eyedrop

Color Picker Overview 2

The Eyedrop works everywhere, and when we say EVERYWHERE, we mean it! Drag the Eyedrop Tool anywhere around the Photo Editor and choose the very specific color you want down to the pixel.


Color Picker Overview 4

This tool allows you to decrease or increase your saturation.

Try for yourself and see how intuitive our new Color Picker is, and don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any comments or questions, you know we love those!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified