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Beat Summer Boredom With These Kid-Friendly Activities!

By Ani Hughes | Inspiration

Summer has arrived!! And for all the parents out there, the inevitability of summertime boredom comes along with it. Wondering what to do on those too-hot-for-the-pool days? Or trying to avoid television and electronic overload? I'm wondering the same over here.

As a mommy to a 7-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy (quite an age gap), planning activities can be a little tricky. Thankfully for all of us, Pinterest comes to the rescue yet again. There are so, SO many clever ideas that will have you shaking your head and wondering, "Why didn't I think of this??"

Here are a few ideas that made it to the top of my "must try this summer" list:

1. Making Rock Candy

I found this from Ever Never Again via Pinterest and thought it looked like a fun indoor activity. As the author points out, you could even sneak a science lesson in if you were so inclined (you know me—forever drawn to the kitchen activities!). Click here for the full post: Making Rock Candy

Photo credit: Ever Never Again
Photo Credit: everneveragain.blogspot.com

2. DIY Water Activities

I love this list and my favorite item is the DIY sprinkler idea. Many moons ago I purchased one of those beach ball sprinklers, and it seriously broke in about 2 days. This is a much cheaper idea that would probably last you all summer! And I am here to tell you that kids of ALL ages love sprinklers (ie: grown-ups, too). Click here for the full post: 12 Water Play Activities

Machine, Sprinkler
Photo Credit: honeybearlane.com

3. Glowstick Games!

This is just way too cool. Evening activities make so much sense; the temperature drops, everyone is home from work or activities, and the fireflies are out! This list from Listotic is packed with great ideas, but these glowstick ones were my favorite! Click here for the full post: 32 of the best DIY backyard games

Photo Credit: listotic.com

4. Sharpie Tie-Dyeing

I have an excessive amount of Sharpies; I simply cannot control myself around a Sharpie kiosk. My daughter loves them too, of course, and her desk has the marks to prove it. I love it, though; it gives her desk character and always reminds me of her ever-growing artistic creativity. If you are as trusting with your Sharpies as I am, you should definitely give this fun indoor activity a try. White T-Shirts are very inexpensive and I'll bet you've got a few Sharpies lying around. If not, I've got plenty for all of us. Here's the full post: Sharpie Dyeing

Photo Credit: amazinggoodwill.com

5.  Giant Outdoor Waterbed

This is a fun one that could be combined with the DIY sprinkler idea in #2. It would take a trip to a hardware store and a bit of prep work, but I have no doubt my kids (and my neighbors' kids) would absolutely love it. I'm definitely keeping this one in my back pocket for when summer boredom peaks. Here's the full post with instructions: How to Make a Giant Outdoor Waterbed

Photo Credit: myfrugaladventures.com

I hope you found these ideas as fun and intriguing as I did. Many of the links will take you to long lists of activities, so check them out, stay cool, and have a great summer!

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