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Advertising Ideas for Your Holiday Sale

By Melanie Doncas | Inspiration

The holiday season is fast approaching, so if you haven’t already planned your holiday marketing campaign, now is the time to do so. When it comes to holiday promotion, however, not just any will do. The key to successful holiday marketing campaigns is creativity and standing out from your sea of competitors.

If you've been wondering “How do I market my business for the holidays and promote my Christmas sales creatively?”, you’re in luck. In this guide, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite, often-overlooked holiday marketing strategies to help you generate excitement among your customers and boost your sales!

Send Out Postcards

When it comes to successful holiday marketing campaigns, you don’t always have to pursue digital methods. According to USPS, over 70% of Gen X consumers (those born between 1965 and 1980) prefer the more personal nature of direct mail when compared to digital advertising. And they’re not alone; the majority (90%) of Millennials say they love receiving direct mail like postcards, with over half (57%) stating that they act on these offers.

Therefore, don’t overlook the power of sending out postcards to promote your upcoming Christmas sales. You can use a predesigned postcard template within BeFunky’s Postcard Maker to create one within minutes. You can even include a QR code on your postcard that allows recipients to scan and view your products, sign up for your newsletter, or RSVP to your sales event – depending on what you’re promoting.

holiday sale postcards

Organize an Exciting In-Shop Event

With the closures of Covid-19 finally behind us, consumers are enjoying having reasons to get out and about again. This is what makes hosting an in-shop event as part of your holiday marketing campaign a great idea. Think about what exciting entertainment or activities you can include at your holiday sale event, whether that’s live music, celebrity guests, or craft workshops for children or adults.

One way to generate excitement for your holiday sale event and encourage attendance is by promoting it through large, physical banners placed around your local area. Use this space to reveal what attendees can expect from the event. You could even mention additional incentives, like free food and drinks, lucky door prizes, or extra savings for purchases on the day.

If you use BeFunky’s pre-designed holiday templates, you can create a banner within just a few clicks. Simply select a design you like, resize it to your banner’s chosen dimensions, and then customize it to suit your event.

sales event postcard

Embrace Holiday Traditions

If you’re looking to really put the festivities into your small business holiday campaign, consider embracing a Christmas tradition to up the ante. Rather than hosting a single sale, why not run a “12 days of sales” promotion, which sees a different category of services or products promoted each day?

This adds a sense of urgency, as daily holiday promotions will last for just 24 hours, urging those interested to act quickly. It also generates excitement and engagement, as consumers will check in with your small business each day to see what the latest offer is.

holiday sale traditions

Get Santa Involved

Nothing screams “holiday season” quite like Santa Claus. Getting Santa involved is a great way to add some jolly cheer to your holiday advertising campaign, while boosting excitement among consumers – especially children. You can even give shoppers the chance to take a photo with Santa, which gives them even more reasons to make their way into your shop.

Don’t have a bricks-and-mortar store? Get Santa involved in your video or social media marketing campaigns instead. The opportunities are endless!

Be sure to spread the word about Santa’s guest appearance through eye-catching posters placed near your store. If you’re going down the digital route, you could offer teasers through your Instagram Stories or Reels instead.

santa sales

Make the Most of Your Shop Window

If you run a physical, bricks-and-mortar business, then don’t overlook your window display. According to studies, over 31% of consumers state that a window display is the most influencing factor to visit a store.

 Add some festive cheer and use it to promote some of the items you have on sale, as well as the enticing savings customers can enjoy by making a purchase. If you’re opting for a “12 days of sales” event as mentioned earlier, you could even switch up your window display each day to reflect that day’s promotion.

window shopping

Hand Out Coupon Codes for Even Greater Savings

Who can resist a discount on already marked-down items? If you’re really looking to sell more on holidays, then coupon codes are the way to go. You can add urgency by making them expire within a short time frame, or shake things up by offering the discount codes to only those who follow your brand on social media or receive your email newsletter.

Want to incorporate your discount code into your direct mail campaign instead? Simply add your code to your holiday postcard or place it on a small card that can be handed out to passers-by.

coupon codes holiday

Ready to Promote Your Christmas Sales?

The end-of-year holidays are dominated by marketing campaigns, so it’s vital to stand out from the pack. By embracing these creative holiday advertising ideas for your small business, however, you can generate excitement among consumers and boost your sales.

Which promotion ideas will you explore? For those requiring attention-grabbing, holiday-themed marketing materials, be sure to utilize the Graphic Designer’s templates and tools!

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