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Market Your Small Business With Holiday Social Media Story Templates

By Rach DePaoli | Inspiration

When you’re a small business owner, boosting your engagement is critical to growing your following on both Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and most other social platforms. As we’ve stated, if you want to increase your engagement, Instagram Stories are not optional – they are the key to growing your engagement on the platform. This is the same for other platforms. Creating engaging visual content with lots of motion is critical – this can be done with videos, images, or GIFs. Once you get your audience engaging, you can then funnel your followers to your end goal, which will most likely be purchasing something that you are selling.

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With the holiday season gearing up, it is the perfect time to start creating content for your social platforms. This is easy to do with BeFunky’s Graphic Designer. Not only do we have templates for every occasion, but you can also customize the size of any template to fit the dimension you need, depending on what social platform you are posting to. 

The Perfect Holiday Social Media Story Templates

Let’s take a look at some holiday Instagram Story templates BeFunky’s Graphic Designer has to offer. Again, you can customize any of these to whatever dimension you need for a variety of social platforms. These templates are made from professional graphic designers and are super easy to customize for any small business needs you may have this holiday season.

Holloween Instagram Story Templates

People have been gearing up for Halloween months before the actual day. If you want to join in or prep your social media for the month of October, there are so many options as a small business that you could do. You could advertise for a sale, share some halloween recipes, post about an event you are having, throw a halloween party at your shop, or create a ‘This-Or-That’ Halloween Edition.

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Thanksgiving and Black Friday / Cyber Monday Instagram Story Templates

As we know, sharing a motivational quote that you think would resonate with your audience is hugely popular when it comes to saves and shares. These have a high share rate, especially if you post them to your Feed, because people can save and share them with their friends on the platform.

thanksgiving and sale social stories

Not only can you create quotes, but you can market items around this time for Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. Before the day comes, you can tease these things on your platform to create attention. If you want to know what your followers are wanting to purchase this year, you can also use polls during this time to see your audience’s preferences and get more engagement on your Instagram Stories. 

Christmas and Winter Holiday Instagram Story Templates

As a small business, getting on an influencer’s holiday gift guide can be a huge step to increasing your engagement on a social platform. You can also create a gift guide for your small business, showcasing all of the items you would purchase for yourself or a loved one during the holiday season.

winter holiday social stories

New Year's Instagram Story Templates

Resolutions, anyone? If you are a fitness or wellness company, this is the holiday to take advantage of. You are going to want to go hard on the marketing right after Christmas to ensure that people are spending their holiday money on bettering themselves in the new year. 

new years social stories

Rather than market an item, think about what the item can do for someone and market that. Rather than marketing workout gear, market a healthy lifestyle or working out. If you’re an outdoor company, market new hobbies like climbing or hiking, while including your climbing and hiking related items in the Stories.

Market Your Small Business This Holiday Season

Ready to market your small business this holiday season? Take some of the inspiration from above before designing your next social media story in our Graphic Designer.

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