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Add Text To Your Photos Like A Boss

By Derric | Effects Showcase What’s New

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Text has become one of our most popular (if not the most popular) photo effects, we even have an Explore Gallery Channel dedicated to it. We've made it super easy to use, but there are a couple shortcuts, that work in both our photo editor and collage maker, that maybe you don't know about (that means I get asked about this a lot!)...

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Change the size of your text - Click and drag any of the dots on the corner of your text box to change the size of the text... Hold shift while you click and drag those dots and you can change the aspect ratio (i.e. make text taller, longer, etc)

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Text outline - The most visible text on any background, even a multi-colored background, is white text with a black outline. The outline is on by default, just click the check box to remove it.

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NEW! Use fonts from your own collection - Got a plethora of fonts in your collection? Now you can use almost all of them in BeFunky! (Wingdings are not supported, but who uses Wingdings anyway?)

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Delete/Straighten/Forward/Backward/Flip - Right click in the text box to access this 'secret' menu. If you don't like your text you can delete it here. Ooops, you accidentally rotated your text a little... click straighten to line it back up. Want to put the text in front of or behind another element? That's what Forward and Backward are for! Want to flip that text horizontally or vertically? You can do that here too!

Got questions? I have answers :)

Stay Funky!

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