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5 Photo Tips For Your Road Trip

By Karmen Fox | Inspiration

You're all set for your road trip. You've picked your destinations, mapped your route, and packed your camera gear to capture the gorgeous sites you'll explore. But what about taking pictures of the sites from inside your car?

Most of my travels have been by car. I wasn't fudging the numbers in my bio when I said I've been to all 50 states. I pulled that off with a lot of time on the road. Once I spent a month driving across the entire country, and another time my family drove from Maine to Washington state in three days. True story!

I took countless pictures on those trips, and here's what I learned with each passing mile.

Clean the windshield.

Bugs, dust, and a whole lot of ew -- that's what you get if you don't hit the wipers before snapping your pic. Just those few extra seconds are worth it to get a crystal clear view of that stunning California coast.



Remove glares.

Thanks to your sparkling windshield, glares and reflections will sneak into your pictures. To prevent this, first, make sure your flash is off. You'll just be using natural light on the road. This can be tricky, since the sun is super reflective when it hits glass. Instead, just take pictures from different angles to see what works and what doesn't.



Crop the dash.

As important as your car is to your journey, no one wants to see the dashboard or your car's window frame. The easy solution is to crop it out or take it out of the picture all together. All landscape, no distractions. Unless you're showing a scene more memorable than the view outside the window. Aww!



Center the road.

There's no picture more iconic than road lines trailing off into the horizon. To achieve a picture this precise, align your car and your camera smack dab down the middle of the lines. Just one (obvious) caveat: do NOT do this while other cars are on the road. No photo opp is ever worth putting your life in danger!

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Snap your car.

Where would you be without your car? Bored at home, that's for sure. Your ride is virtually a part of the squad, so include it in your catalogue of pics. Let the good times roll!



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