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Capture Your Epic Travel Story With The Collage Maker

By Kristen Yates | Inspiration

Traveling is one of those life-changing experiences that, if you’re anything like me, you love to document with your camera. Part of the fun of traveling is sharing your experience with those back home: finding a way to capture the sights, the culture, connections, emotions and eye-opening adventures.

So instead of trying to pick just a few of the best photos to share on your blog or social media, why not creatively combine them into an epic collage that tells the whole story? Together we’ll go through how to create an exciting and visually compelling story using Collage Maker (it’s SUPER simple and fun to use!)

Let’s head over to BeFunky, and select Collage Maker at the top.

First we’ll need to choose a template, so head over to the templates button on the left side menu. This will determine how many photos we’ll need for our collage.

This part gets fun, because if you’re creating a collage for a Facebook cover or for Pinterest, there are templates for that! Otherwise, have fun browsing the various options. I’ve chosen a fun 6-pic layout for my blog!


Now is the time to select your photos (another fun part, obviously!) Make sure to edit them first using the Photo Editor, then save the photos either to your computer, Google Drive, or straight to BeFunky.

When you’re ready to upload, just select Upload from the left side and locate your photos. (hint: you can select them all at once to speed this up!)


Now that your photos are chilling out in the left side of your screen, it’s time to play. From here, just drag the photos where you’d like to see them in the template. Click on the photo (in the template) to adjust the size, move it around, rotate, or delete it. So easy!

If you want to flip the position of 2 photos, drag one to the position you desire and they'll switch places.

Okay so… what happens if you want to switch templates? If you’ve got a bit of indecisive syndrome (hey, we all do!), just go back into Templates and click around to test them out.


Here, I’m playing around with making this into a Facebook cover photo. (You might have to go back to your Uploads and switch things around, depending on the number of photos in your new template!)

Alright, so you’ve got your photos in the template you love… now it’s time to play with some fun effects and really get creative with graphics and text!


I’m going to add this cute little graphic (from Design Elements) and change the blend mode to “Hard Light.”


Then, go back to Text and add in any captions or text you’d like on your collage, if any. I’m going to add a small caption “Bali 2015” in typewriter font.

You can play around with the font size, color and background color, opacity… have fun and see what you like!


For mine, I’m removing the background color from the text by clicking the white square with the red line through it, aka the strikethrough button.

If you’d like to add a background to your collage, head to the Patterns menu.


Double click on the pattern you want to add as a background. I’m loving how the mosaic pattern jives with my color scheme!

Finally, head into Settings and decide if you want to round any corners or change the spacing between photos.


Everything from no space at all…


To just the way we like it. Save and go!

So there you have it: a visually compelling, creative and totally unique way to tell the epic story of your travels. I’d love to see what you come up with!

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