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5 Editing Tips for Minimalists

By Peter Latriano | Inspiration

When you start to really understand how to work your camera and capture perfect shots, editing becomes less important. But no photographer is perfect, and some editing will almost always need to be done. For those of you who don’t like to tamper too much, the BeFunky Photo Editor offers simple tools for making quick and easy adjustments that won’t interfere with your masterpiece.

Exposure Made Easy

Exposure is the amount of light per unit area, determined by shutter speed, lens aperture and the amount of light at that particular moment. Those are a lot of factors to get right. It can be done, but for those times when your exposure is a little off, BeFunky is here to help. By adjusting a simple meter, you can change brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows and fill light.


Cutting Corners

Probably the most important when it comes to editing, the cropping tool can be beneficial in a number of ways. Is there a tip of a finger in the way of an otherwise flawless picture? The Crop tool will help you cut that finger straight off. Bad composition? Use the crop tool to zoom in on your subject matter, and fill that frame up.

Custom Colors

Color can be one of the defining features of a beautiful photograph. Bright, vibrant colors can really make a picture pop, and make all of the difference between an average photograph and one that will create a lasting impression. With BeFunky, you can adjust hue, saturation and temperature with a simple click of the mouse when you use our Color tool. It’s the best way to make all of your pictures stand out.


Precision Control

Make all of your pictures crystal clear. With our Sharpen tool, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t set the aperture right, or if you didn’t zoom in quite enough. With a choice between our regular sharpen and smart sharpen settings, we make it easy for you to bring complete clarity to your photographs instantly.

Instant Makeover

For the true minimalist, nothing beats the Beautify button. This miracle tool does it all a single click of the button. Forget about all of the tools previously mentioned. If you want an all-in-one solution, this is it. Just apply the Beautify tool, and choose how beautiful you want your picture to be. It will adjust exposure, color, clarity and more, creating a quick, easy and perfect photo every time.


Photo Editing. Simplified