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Your Life, More Animated: BeFunky’s Photo Cartoon Effect

By Derric | Effects Showcase

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Something funny is going on here. Something ridiculously cool is happening to people and objects all over the world thanks to the magic of photo cartoons. Everyday folks are turning into cartoons right before our very eyes. One-dimensional politicians are becoming a lot more colorful and animated. Stodgy and boring is becoming vibrant and cool. And run-of-the-mill ordinary is turning into out-of-this-world extraordinary.

Ok, ok. People aren't literally becoming cartoons a la the motion picture A Scanner Darkly starring Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder. But with BeFunky's Cartoonizer effect that turns photos into cartoons, it's pretty darn close.

In that movie, a cartoonist finds himself smack down in the middle of an animated world he created from scratch. With BeFunky's Cartoonizer Effect, you can create your own cartoon world with one click and drop yourself in the center of it without a big-time Hollywood budget. See? Practically the same.

The Sunday Funnies – Written, Directed by and Starring You

The next time you grab the comics section from the daily newspaper, tell Family Circus it's got some new competition. With BeFunky's Cartoonizer effect, you can create cartoon photos with the same look and feel of your favorite comic strip, all without the need for a degree in graphic design or any comic book inspired talent. No kidding.

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Got a serious family portrait where nobody's smiling? Bring everyone to life by crating a photo sketch with a cartoon look and feel. Wondering what your dog looks like in Snoopy's world? One click to turn your photo into a cartoon is all it takes to find out.

To get the best results, just make sure you have enough white space and a well-composed subject. Less clutter is key.

Extra Funny, Extra Funky

If you love the way your cartoon photograph looks, you ain't seen nothin' yet. BeFunky Goodies let you really get creative with all kinds of extra stuff that will add pizzazz to your digital photo cartoons. Add a mustache to the cartoon version of your Aunt. Give grandma a beard. Throw a mustache on the dog. A pair of earrings on the cat. The possibilities to do something funny with your cartoon photo sketches are virtually endless.

A Cartoon World of Possibilities

You'll find a variety of uses for BeFunky's cartoon effect. Aside from making great Facebook profile pictures, your new cartoon photographs can also liven up the real world. Create a mural on that empty family room with several personal cartoon photographs. Create a scrapbook of photographic cartoon memories of you and your significant other. Or simply throw some cartoon photos of your family members into your wallet. No matter what you do, it'll make for a great conversation piece.

Photo Cartoons Are Only the Beginning

No matter how boring you may think your photographs are, the Cartoonizer effect at BeFunky can breathe new life into them. Feel free to also try the Charcoal, Scribbler, Inkify and Line Artopia effects to mimic a few other drawing styles.

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When you're finished playing around, tell us about your experience below – that is, of course, if you can find the time to pull yourself away from your new cartoon world.

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