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Create Watercolor Paintings of Your Favorite Animals

By Melanie Doncas | Inspiration

Have you ever wanted to paint animals in their natural state, but found that painting wasn’t quite your forte? Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with the artistic gene, but that doesn’t have to stop you from creating your own watercolor works of art!

Thankfully, our range of watercolor effects, available in the Photo Editor, are just what you need to create easy watercolor paintings of animals or nature scenes. All it takes is a photo and a few minutes of your time. We’ll show you how!

How to Create Watercolor Animals

Ready to create your own watercolor animal art? To get started, head to the Photo Editor.

Step 1: Open Your Photo

Click Open at the top of the screen to open the photo of your choice. We chose a cute rabbit portrait for this example.

Upload photo for watercolor animal

Step 2: Select a Watercolor Effect

Once you open a photo, you will be brought to the effects, found in the Artsy tab. As you can see, there are numerous styles to choose from – whether you want soft and dreamy or bold and detailed. Play around with each effect to see which one looks best with your photo.


You’ll also notice when you click on an effect, three options appear. Settings allows you to alter the effect further, Cancel removes the selected effect, and Apply applies the effect as-is. You can also adjust the strength of the effect using the slider.

Step 3: Save Your Watercolor Painting

Once your painting is complete, it’s time to save it. Click Save at the top of the screen, then choose your desired save location.

Save Watercolor animal

Animal to Watercolor: Before and After

It’s hard to imagine this transformation took place within just a few clicks! With these watercolor effects, however, transforming a photo into watercolor art is quick and easy.

Watercolor nature after
Watercolor nature before



Animal Photography to Watercolor Inspiration

Looking for some extra inspiration to help you create your own watercolor art? We’ve rounded up our favorite ideas for turning animal photography into watercolor paintings you’ll want to frame and display.

Pet Portraits

Do you have a favorite photo of your family pet that would make great watercolor art? Pet portraits have become increasingly popular over the years, yet they often come with a hefty price tag to commission an artist to create one from scratch. Use these watercolor effects instead for a budget-friendly, yet realistic look.

Watercolor pet portrait after
Watercolor pet portrait before



Woodland Animal Scenes

Why not transform the local wildlife into works of watercolor art? Preserve your favorite memories with nature – and create something unqiue while you're at it.

Watercolor woodland after
watercolor woodland before



Farm Friends

Are you lucky enough to have farm friends? Even if you don't, you can still have them in your home. Having one of these photos on the wall will definintely introduce a nice farmhouse aesthetic to your space!

Watercolor farm animals after
Watercolor farm animals before



Reimagine Your Favorite Animals in Watercolor

Thanks to our wide range of watercolor effects, turning animal photography into watercolors is simple and fun. All it takes is a few minutes of your time and BeFunky’s Photo Editor. Soon, you'll have colorful watercolor paintings of animals, landscapes, and nature ready to print, frame, and display!

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