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Tips for Capturing Wildlife on Film

By Peter Latriano | Inspiration

There’s something magical about seeing animals in their natural setting. It’s awe- inspiring to see goats hopping along the rocks in the mountains. When a bear and her cubs cross your path, it’s hard not to be mesmerized. Even the common deer can be fascinating (until they run into the middle of the road and nearly cause you to get into a three-car pileup, that is). But when you do get the chance to encounter wildlife, it’s always a great photo opportunity, especially if you’ve got the BeFunky app on hand. Try following these few simple steps to make sure you always get the best possible shots.


Location, Location, Location

Knowing where the animals like to hang out is important. If you go looking for elk on the east coast, you’re probably never going to get the shot you want. And try and be as specific as possible. Maybe there’s a certain watering hole nearby that attracts all of the animals, or a particular beach where the seals do their hunting. No matter what kind of wildlife you’re looking for, having the insider tips is important to capturing that ideal photograph.

Stealth Mode

Probably the most important factor when trying to catch wildlife on film is to be stealthy. Animals are afraid of you, and if they know that if you’re around there’s a good chance that they are going to run far away. Be gentle in your approach and try not to make too much noise or disturb the landscape. You’ll probably also need to camp out for a bit and let the wildlife come to you when it’s ready.


BeFunky to the Rescue

So you found the perfect spot, and you were discreet in your approach. After some time, a creature emerges from the trees. You go to quickly take a picture, but you make too much noise. The animal is startled—for a moment it freezes—and then it’s out. But before it took off into the depths of the woods, you managed to capture a quick shot only to find out it's blurry. Never fear: the BeFunky Photo Editor is here to help. Simply upload your photo, go to the editing tools and choose Sharpen. Use it accordingly to bring your wildlife shot back into focus, and be sure to show off your perfect wildlife pic.

Hi there lil fella!
Hey there lil' fella!

Finishing Touches

Unfortunately photographs can never fully capture the magic and beauty of seeing animals in their natural habitats. Seeing a whale blow water from its spout could be beautiful enough to bring you to tears in person, but in a photograph, probably not so much. But with BeFunky, you can use our Beautify feature to help recapture some of the beauty of the moment. Simply choose the Beautify tool from the photo editor, and apply it to your photo to instantly give it an all-around improvement.


Looking to ace your wildlife shots? Let BeFunky help guide the way:


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