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Viga Boland / Grandmother

By Derric | Case Studies

Viga is now retired after operating a wedding photography studio for 30 years with her husband. She is the grandmother of the sweetest 7-year-old girl, Samantha. Viga discovered an online service where she could self-publish storybooks with photos and she decided to make one for Samantha as a gift for her and relatives. So this is her BeFunky story.

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- I wrote that book using real photos. It was beautiful but I then got the idea that if the book had drawings to color in, it would be even more special to Samantha, especially since it was based on her and she was my "co-author" so to speak.  So I searched on the net for a program that would convert our photos to drawings and discovered BeFunky!

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- So far, we've used BeFunky to convert our family photos to charcoal or scribble drawings to illustrate storybooks about and for Samantha.

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- The first book has been so successful, she and I plan to make up some more. It’s a lovely project between grandmother and granddaughter. However, I think over time, we'll be finding many other ways to use BeFunky.

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Also, together with one of her daughters, Viga operates Vintage Jewelry Showcase and assists in publicity and promotion for the singer/songwriter Duo and Tribute Act, AndrewVictoria.

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