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How To Make A Valentine’s Day Photo Collage

By Rach DePaoli | Collage Maker Tutorials

Getting your photos hung in your home is such a romantic way to keep the good memories alive of all your adventures with your significant other. And sometimes, one photo isn’t enough to sum up all of those fun memories. Whether you’ve got a handful of your favorite photos or a camera roll full of them, we’ve got the best idea for gathering them all into one thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift: a photo collage.

valentines day photo collage tutorial

With BeFunky’s Collage Maker, it’s easy to create the perfect photo collage for gifting on Valentine’s Day. With hundreds of amazing layouts and customization options, you’ll be able to create a thoughtful gift in minutes. We’ll show you how!

How To Make A Valentine’s Day Photo Collage

Step 1: Upload Your Favorite Photos

First thing’s first: gather your favorite photos and get them ready for uploading, then head to BeFunky’s Collage Maker. Select the Image Manager tab (the top icon) in the menu on the left, then either drag and drop your image files into the Image Manager panel or upload them by clicking on the Computer button. When they’re uploaded, they will appear as thumbnails in the Image Manager tab.

free online collage maker by BeFunky

Step 2: Select The Perfect Layout

Next, click on the Layouts tab in the menu on the left and select the layout that most fits the look you are going for. When your Layout is loaded onto the canvas, you can click back to the Image Manager tab and either drag and drop your image thumbnails into the collage cells, or select Autofill to automatically fill the collage.

how to make a photo collage online in BeFunky

Once your images are loaded into your collage layout, you can drag them around to rearrange them and resize cells by clicking and dragging in between them.

If you’re looking for an even easier way to choose a collage layout that displays every pixel of your photos in high resolution, then our Collage Wizard is for you. Simply select the Collage Wizard button at the top of the Layouts tab and select the photos you want to use from the menu that appears.

collage wizard by befunky

Then, the Collage Wizard will generate perfectly proportioned layouts that you can preview by clicking the arrow. When you find the perfect layout, click Select This Collage.

Step 3: Customize Your Photo Collage

With your chosen layout loaded onto the canvas, you can rearrange your images by dragging and dropping one image over the other. You can also change the width and height of your collage by hovering over the spacers between photos.

how to make a valentines day collage

For further customization, click the Customize tab in the menu on the left. Once there, you can increase or decrease the amount of space between your photos by adjusting the Spacing slider, use the Corner Rounding slider to add rounded edges to your photos, and change the Background Color of your collage.

Step 4: Add Text To Your Collage

If you want to add a sweet message to your collage, click the Text tab in the menu on the left, then select the Add Text button. A textbox will appear for you to type whatever you’d like. For customizing your text, just click on the textbox and make selections in the Text Properties toolbar that appears. You’ll be able to choose from a wide library of fonts (or add your own!), adjust the size, letter spacing and more!

add text to photo collage in BeFunky

You can also add customizable graphics to your collage by opening the Design Elements tab. Just search for the perfect graphic, click to add it, and use the Graphic Properties menu to change the Color, Blend Mode, and more.

add graphics to photo collage in BeFunky

Step 5: Save And Print Your Collage

When you are finished creating your special Valentine’s Day present, head to the top of the Collage Maker and select the Save button to save your project. You can save it to your Computer as a .JPEG or .PNG and print it out at home or send it to your local printer.

gift ideas for valentines day photo collage

It is best to use photo paper that has a heavier weight to it compared to printer paper - this will ensure that your gift will last a long time!

Final Results

There are so many projects and DIY’s you can do with the photo collage, whether that is decorating the outside of a memory box, creating a scrapbook, or framing a collage!

valentines day gift ideas by BeFunky

Try bringing your digital world into your home by creating a personal project for Valentine’s Day; it is a sentimental way to show your love and care for your significant other.

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